Recruitment problems in construction engineering


Infrastructure players today are hiring aggressively. Optimization of resources, employee focus, welfare and retention policies have reached newer heights as well. A top manager of a company says that they have even hired employees from abroad, and from companies that are much bigger than them. Apart from this, they have started hiring manpower not only from Tier-II cities but also from other smaller cities and rural engineering colleges.

During last one year the company has hired approximately 150 fresh engineers from colleges across India including smaller cities with salaries ranging between Rs 1,50,000 -2,50,000 per annum.

Some big players are planning to recruit over 100 engineers shortly. The companies are hunting for engineers with 25 years of experience to fit into its middle and senior level positions.

Prestige Estates recently recruited 50 civil engineers to man its mega project ‘Prestige Shantiniketan’. The project spreads across 105 acres consisting of around 3,000 apartments, a forum mall with a multiplex, the Radisson hotel as well as Bangalore’s first world Trade Center.

The Ittina Group is currently hiring experienced people in the field of engineering, administration and management. People who belong to techno-legal backgrounds are also in demand.

Simplex infrastructure Ltd. is rapidly making its foray into innovative projects like power, hydro-electricity etc, for which it is hiring people with specific skills in civil engineering services. People who have played an integral role in executing projects related to buildings, roads, amongst others are also in great demand.

Recruitment is also on the rise among mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, chemical plant workers, other engineers, and technical staff for operational purposes, material managers, accountants, administrative personnel and many more.

The demand for quality civil engineers and architects mounts, as the country witnesses an unprecedented infrastructure boom or the ‘brown revolution’. However, the boom is not matched by adequate number of technically qualified civil engineers. According to industry experts, about 70% of engineering graduates passing out every year are more attracted to careers in IT. And civil engineering as a prospective career option is not even taken into consideration.

What do these guys lack? A proper branding strategy of civil engineering as a career, and a viable people management program, for starters, can help students get rid of several misconceptions.

While jobs are aplenty in the construction sector, 70% of engineering graduates are opting for careers in the IT Domain. With more and more impetus on infrastructure development, sooner or later, Civil engineering will be the next big booming industry and Civil or Construction Engineers can expect to get paid as much as that in IT industry.

Besides the enticing growth prospects that the industry has to offer, it still suffers from a severe talent crunch. Well, there’s much more than meets the eye. Most of the infrastructure projects are undertaken in remote location causing inconvenience to- employers to look for the right candidates. The major problem that is faced by employers and the industry as a whole is controlling the attrition rate of employees. At the mid-managerial level, the attrition rate is about 5-10% and increases to about 20-25% at lower levels.

However, the booming sector is formulating various HR strategies to engage and motivate its employees. Practices like annual performance appraisal system, internal trainings, employee motivation sessions etc are gaining grounds in addition to attractive pay and perks.

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