Outsourcing basic HR functions


Outsourcing is a function that has always been looked down upon, done primarily for comparative cost advantage. But when it comes to HR, outsourcing makes for much more than a way of saving a buck.

HR, Head, Hutchison Essar says that some five years back they had a lot of outsourcing partners, who didn’t have the skills and competencies as compared to the organization. Now they have become very specialized, so it only makes perfect business sense to outsource some functions to them.

In the past outsourcing was done to save money, now it is done because the out sourcing partners can re-engineer and innovate better. While outsourcing the work the HR chief says he is retaining the strategic thinking. It is strategic on the part of HR to give away the functions that they don’t have an edge on. Now that outsourcing partners are capable in undertaking HR functions as good as that by the company itself the need for HR outsourcing is an authentic and certified proposition by the main organization. Let us look at what HR can now do while it has newly found free time when some of its activities are outsourced.

Employer Brand Manager

This is perhaps the most critical task that HR could get its hands into in the years to come. The future will see HR shouldering the responsibility of carving a perception of the organizations’ brand, more so than ever not that it doesn’t already do it.

The HR needs to be the ambassador and market the company. In doing so, it needs to build a relationship, bordered with love, with all stakeholders, which would include employees, customers and service providers.

An example of how to build up a brand image or be an Ambassador of the company is given in subsequent few actions. Every little thing contributes to the employer brand. For instance, when a candidate comes in for an interview and he is made to wait needlessly, it gives out negative signals. HR has to take care of this.

Getting Specialized

If you administer an HR function that your company might outsource tomorrow (for expertise and/or cost advantage), what will you do? This brings you to think whether it is possible to move from a general capacity to a specialized one?

Today in HR, we see people taking cross functional shifts across the different functions of HR. In fact, it is actively encouraged by grooming them to take on different roles. With such movements, they get an all rounded perspectives of the world and become better general managers. Also,, if one does the same job for long, he will tend to get bored of it, so it’s good to give people a rotation.

This is a mild warning for those in the HR fraternity to get a hang of every function within their department, if not for assured growth then for mere survival. The industry is today looking for people who can focus on specialized functions and not those which can be performed with mechanical ease. In short one should develop skills and experience in different specialized functions so that of there is a need he can perform the same.

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