Are You Visible to Your Manager??

Are you just one amongst the lot or you have that special something that makes you visible to your managers?

One of the most important questions perplexing employees in the corporate world is how to improve their visibility. Having a good visibility within your team is very important. Most of the time it is neglected by the employees but in the end it turns out to be a very crucial factor as far as one’s performance ratings are concerned. Especially for a newbie, to create visibility is very vital. As it is said “Effective marketing of a product is equally important as the product itself”.

Similarly, all the knowledge, the capabilities will reduce to null if a person is not able to showcase his/her talent in a proper manner. Although a resource might be working day in and day out and doing the task assigned to him meticulously it’s the way you interact with people, the way you conduct yourself within the team through which you leave an impression in someone’s mind.

Methods to improve visibility:

Creating a separate space for yourself– Always try to widen your horizon and do something unique in whatever work you do. Remember that the work done by you daily is done by 100 other folks also. So, in order to create a different space for you in the organisation try to do something different from others. This will separate you from the rest of the folks and set a precedent for others to follow. For example, participating in events held within the organisation, doing certifications, participating in group discussions.

Active Participation– Active participation in team meetings is must. This will show that you are inquisitive about your team and are concerned about your team. Try to ask as many relevant questions in the team meetings as you can. This will also help you in your daily chores. Actively participate in various company functions whether they are strictly job-related or social. Use that opportunity to meet as many people within the organization as you can, which demonstrates that you are a team player.

Take credit when credit is due- An easy way to build visibility in the workplace is to simply take credit for your accomplishments. Think about your typical response when someone compliments you on a job well done. If you usually reply, “Oh, it was nothing,” you need to stand in the spotlight more.

Interaction with the supervisor-One should never hesitate to communicate ones’ thought to his leads. Always try to have a healthy discussion with your supervisor that will go a long way in improving your visibility. Ask for a a personnel review with your boss more often. This will give you another opportunity to increase your visibility with him, but it will also provide you an opportunity to track your boss’s perception of your performance. Finally, a review is a great time to ask for a promotion–if it is warranted. Be sure that you are prepared to make a case for the promotion, and that you can answer any questions.

Out-of-the-box thinking– Besides the routine task given to you always look for some process improvements within the team. This will show that you can come up with some creative and innovative ideas and you will be able to leave an impression on the minds of your teammates. Be prepared to go the extra mile by taking on projects at the company that can benefit from your skills, even if there is some risk of failure. Whether you are successful or not isn’t as important as impressing your boss with your initiative.

Cordial relations– And last but not the least try to maintain a cordial, friendly and jovial environment with your colleagues.

All these things if followed effectively will not only help in increasing visibility but will also help an employee in the long run to improve his personality and grow in the organisation. It might require you to move beyond your comfort zone, but displaying drive and initiative can pay big dividends. You’ll not only hone valuable leadership skills and discover untapped talents, but you’ll also build a reputation as an indispensable employee.

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