Do you find yourself shifting between frequent bursts of joy and sudden pangs of depression? A few tips to deal with varied mood swings at work…

Wikipedia defines ‘mood swing’ as an extreme or rapid change in mood. A mood swing is caused due to an interplay that stems from dissatisfaction an employee experiences w.r.t his/her professional and personal achievements. Since a major part of an employee’s time is spent in office, he/she tends to carry a certain amount of work stress back home. At the same time, personal tensions also tend to spill over at the workplace.This is not an ideal situation, but unless an employee achieves a work-life balance, such frustrations tend to lead to mood swings. “What an organisation needs to do in such a scenario is support the employee and help him/her cope with such temporary phases,”says Anuraag Maini, senior VP – head of HR, DLF Pramerica Life Insurance.“Moods have their own variety, which defines an impact it could have on the individual. It could be positive or negative in nature and have an immediate effect on the working relationship with co-workers or clients,”opines Kranti Sety, head – HR, Elara Capital. According to Dr Anjali Chhabria, psychologist,“Some of the reasons for this could be issues at home which an employee carries to work like lack of sleep, improper diet, burnout, etc. All these issues can be dealt with tactfully if the HR conducts regular counselling sessions. Along with this, psychological assessments and workshops to improve emotional well-being can go a long way towards mood management.”
So how do organisations deal with such situations? “HR should take care of employees’ problems and try to sort them out by discussing the matter with them. Such discussions prove to be fruitful as they help employees come out of their shell and provide them the opportunity to share their issues without hesitation.We also make sure that their concerns are kept confidential to avoid any future confusion,”says Umesh Dhal, HR head, LG Electronics India.“We have an HR team that ensures to reach out to the employees and speaks to them as a friend when they undergo such mood swings. Issues related to mood swings should be addressed at the right time, otherwise it could have some serious repercussions,”notes Rahul Kulkarni, head-HR, Kale Consultants.“The best way to help an employee who goes through frequent mood swings is to help him/her become aware of it.The employee will then start recognising the moods and their subsequent impacts. Self affirmation is the best way to deal with moods – ‘use your feelings or your feelings will use you’,”concludes Uday Chander,VPpeople function, Sierra Atlantic.