Opportunities in blogging


Blog is a personal website which is free of cost and used as a diary on the web or as an e-mail to the world. To start with simply log on to www.blogger.com , choose a name for the blog and a user name and password and start posting.

Imagine sitting at home, logged on to the websites that provide fodder to your blog in terms of the news, updates and latest trends in the industry your blog caters to, and all you do is post relevant matter and get paid for it.

Over the past one-year, publishers and literary agents have started recognizing potential writers through their blogs.

To direct traffic and readership to your blog, place your blog strategically so that you reach your target reader.

The easiest here is to cross link your blog to all your friends’ blogs, or even related blogs you have come across at random you can leave your own URL on their blog and have their URL on yours. This way, whosoever comes to that blog will automatically click on your blog if they are looking for related information. Registering on www.blogit.com is also a good way to share your writings across the world. The more you are read, the more you get paid. Many writers log on to share their work and get published

Apart from the advertising which a popular blog wins from all over, theme based blogs also get related sponsors who recognize the potential or reach of the blog and look for their visibility on it.

The fact that draws most advertisements is that the traffic on some of the blogs is as good as the readership of a small news paper. The reason being the constant updates these blogs provide to interested readers at their doorstep. It’s a demand and supply chain. They need information and you give it to them.

Travel related blogs are an absolute hit as they share experiences about adventurous trips and treks and hidden locations across India and other interesting places.. Indian and international surfers follow them alike for the information they hold and sometimes the unusual and exclusive pictures they have. Make My Trip, which is a travel portal, recently ran a contest where they sent the winner on an all India trip. The pre-requisite was to have a blog where all the travel experiences were registered on a daily basis. The winner got a camera and a laptop for this purpose and his blog was advertised across the country.

Technology blogs: This is the theme which requires less writing prowess as most of the writing is facts and figures and needs less flair. Updates on latest gadgets or markets trends make this theme a favorite for corporate companies and young men who are on a lookout for latest information from technological spheres.

These are for specific industries, e.g. marketing internet, publishing or anything for that matter. They send newsletters to companies within their sphere and also to interested readers who subscribe at random. Apart from these, sometimes a personal blog like ‘voices in my head’ can win as many as 200 hits a day because of the interesting anecdotes shared on it.