Selection of a Business School

CAT 2010 is over and students across the country are focusing their attention on which business schools to apply to. With thousands of AICTE approved business schools, University MBA program, autonomous schools and more. It isn’t easy to choose the right institute.

Do ranking and ratings help? Beyond help? Beyond the top 10-15 institutes in the country the rankings aren’t clear at all. Every business magazine, test prep magazine and coaching class publishes its own list of top school and most of the time the lists are wildly different from each other.

So how does one go about selecting a business school? Let us get past the IIMs and other Top 10 schools, who cater to less than 5% of the students in India. Which of the thousands of business schools is the right choice for them? Over the years, we at ITM have surveyed thousands of students.

The most important factor is YOU, your academic record, your entrance scores and your profile. Most students have a very hazy idea of a career plan, and this is the biggest stumbling block. You must come up with a five year plan – What industry do I want to work in? What fields (sales, marketing, finance, HR)? Which city are these industries located?

The second most important factor is FIT. Do your academics and scores fit the career profile you have chosen? Do they fit the attitude you have? eg: If you are not one for spending a whole day walking around a busy city you might not want to consider a Marketing / Sales career, which ever business school you go to marketing jobs start on the street.

The third most important factor is COST. Is the school within your budget? Does the school offer bank loan facility? What’s the fine print? Are there hidden fees (e.g. Additional fees for industry visits and workshops) is there a donation / capitation fee?

And finally, the choice of business school. With so many schools to apply to which ones to shortlist? Most students end up with three choice groups, based on their academic record. The hopeful group (top schools that look only at 90+ percentile scores), the mid range group (schools that look at 70-90 percentile scores and give weight age to academics as well). The local options (schools in your city- a strong choice or students on a budget, with the added bonus of having home base and a job network through friends and family).

With five reputed business schools in operations over 20 years and three more upcoming schools, the ITM group is truly an industry leader in the management education field. The ITM Global Leadership Center, is one such B schools offering hugely popular PGDM programs in International Business, HRM, and retail management. We studied the market and the industry trends for years before we launched these programs. Now they are amongst the most highly sought after specialized PGDM programs in India.

ITM Institute of financial markets is yet another unique and highly accepted institute. Students of the PGDM Financial Markets program can touch and feel the real world markets train with the software and tools used by professionals on the other side.
This programs which admits 60 students a year, is focused on creating well trained ready to work professionals for the financial markets sector, and the industry has reacted very favorably by snapping up our graduates year after year.

ITM group business schools are professionally managed, headed by highly experienced and respected Directors and employ industry expert faculty and researchers . ITM offers AICTE approved 2 years PGDM programs. ALL ITM campuses are fully equipped with the latest in technology, networking, libraries and reference study areas, recreation facilities and optional hostel accommodations.

What makes us stand apart is our student centric approach to everything . We never take a decision without considering the impact on our most important stake holder- the student. From the way our faculty teaches, guides and mentors to the campus ambience and the management teams, our whole ecosystem is focused on delivering on our promise to students.