Differentiating between HR management and industrial relations


Human Resource Management:

· There are only two important parties namely employee and employer.

· Formulation of objectives, policies, procedure and programs of human resources and implement them.

· Individual employee contacts with the immediate superior.

Grievance and disciplinary procedures are resorted to, to solve the employee-employer conflicts.

· Reformulates the objectives, policies etc ,based on industrial conflicts which are the outcome of unsound industrial relations.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the overall management of all resources including workers, staff, executives, Top management and even suppliers and customers.

Industrial Relations:

Industrial Relations (IR) in practice are the relations between actual work force and management of the organization.

Given below are some of the salient features of IR:

· The implementation of HRM policies results in IR.

· There are four important parties namely employees, employer, trade unions and government

· The sound IR contributes to the organizational goals. The unsound IR result in industrial conflicts demanding for change and reformulation of HRM objectives and goals

· Employees contact even the top management as a group.

· Collective bargaining and forms of industrial conflicts are resorted to solve the problems

· Industrial relations are governed by the system of rules and regulations concerning work, workplace and working community.

· The main purpose is to maintain harmonious relations between employees and employer by solving their problems through grievance procedure and collective bargaining.

· Trade Unions is another important institution in the Industrial relations. Trade unions influence and shape the industrial relations through collective bargaining.

· Industrial relations are the relations mainly between employees and employers.

· These relations emphasis on accommodating other parties interest, values and needs. Parties develop skills of adjusting to and cooperating with each other.

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