Office discipline


The office is an integral part of any organization. Even in the olden days, it was compared to a fort – or Durg in Sanskrit. This was the place from where a king used to rule. Keeping control of the fort was essential for the king

This is no different from today’s corporate world wherein a CEO or a Director needs to keep control of his office. The king should cause the treasury and the army to be collected in one place, in the fortified city, in charge of trustworthy man. This is the prerequisite for a good office.

But let us see each aspect of this ‘office’ in detail:


The head office is the place from where the treasury is monitored. Once the treasury is well-managed, only then can other things be directly controlled. Otherwise, if the treasury becomes weak, problems start rising. Hence, it is essential to keep it full and protected.

Army / Team / Employees

An army includes all the employees – right from the CEO, to the peon and the driver. All of them form a complete unit. There’s just no division in team-work. Each person is equally important. When there is a war or competition, each person should be able to deliver his best. Thus, a good office should have good, talented, skilled and capable men.

Trustworthy Men

In every organization, there are key people who run the show. These are the lieutenants of the commander. Such people should be trustworthy and should also be able to trust others. These key positions – the decision makers – are the backbone of any business unit.

The leader should control the treasury (finance) and the army (people) always at one place – the fortified city meaning the office/plant and let trustworthy managers run the show.

Once having achieved this set-up, the CEO or Director will have another bonus advantage. The fact that all these components are under one roof makes them easy to monitor on a regular and continuous basis.

Now, since we are already talking in modern terms, let’s understand one thing – the office should also be well equipped with the latest weapons. This means that the installed systems should be constantly upgraded, the technology being used should be latest and the computers and other effective tools should be properly used.

But then, all these do not guarantee success. Just like in war, the success of any group or organization depends on multiple factors but the end success does lie in the ‘brain’ of the leader. Finally, it is the man behind, who makes you win the war!