Closing the interview and further


Closing of interview is as important as its commencement and it should end pleasantly. The interviewer may show some signs of the close of the interview at an appropriate time interview results should be evaluated after closing the interview.

Evaluation of Interview Results

The interviewer/ the board of interviewers evaluate (s) the candidate’s strengths and weakness against the job ad organizational requirements. The evaluation is generally based on the observations, impressions and information collected during the course of interview. However, the final decision about the suitability of candidate to the job is made on the basis of the results of all selection techniques. But the interview results influence the selection decision much mo-re than any other technique. The evaluation may be in descriptive form or grading form or rating form. The interviewer has to strike a fine balance between the job requirements and employee values skills, knowledge etc.

In view of the errors in evaluation, the interviewer has to write explanation of rating on each factor which clarifies his thinking and enables discussion among the interviewers. The interviewer should also take into consideration the educational record, physical attributes, attitudes, sociability and social intelligence, flexibility in behavior, tact, manners, temperament, dependability, self-confidence of the candidate with a view minimize errors in evaluation and to evaluate the candi0date effectively in general.

Qualities of a Successful Interviewer

The interviewer, to be successful should possess the qualities like: elderly outlook, social detachment, intelligence, emotionally matured, interest in understanding human behavior, sociability, active interaction, judgment, expressing the genuine feelings etc. Further, he should be well-educated and trained, should show interest in reading latest literature, equipping himself with latest knowledge and should have thirst for knowledge. He should have thorough understanding of jobs, organization, human behavior, human qualities etc. In addition to the successful interviewer these are some other means to make the interview effective.

Means to Make The Interview Effective:

The interview technique can be used effectively through the following means:

· By selecting the interviewers with higher status, caliber, skill and knowledge;

· Resorting to right type of interview depending upon the situation;

· Studying the background information, data, facts about the candidates before the interview;

· Assessing and evaluating the characteristics and traits of the candidates accurately.

· By basing interview coverage on job and organizational requirements;

· Following time management techniques to collect as much important information as possible within the available time;

· Checking before hand the reliability and validity of the interview and method;

· Respecting interviewee’s interest and individuality;

· Clearly informing the interviewee the purpose of the interview;

· Making the interviewee feel at ease throughout the interview;

· Encouraging interviewee to speak freely;

· Interviewer should try to understand the words used by the interviewees;

· Interviewers should not have personal views and opinions.

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