Career Selection by Youngsters of Today

Youngsters on the crossroads of choosing a career a few years ago, Gen Y is a master of its own destiny. An age old adage goes the ones who create us, are the ones who regulate us. While this saying might have held some truth for today, parents and society are not the only factors that influence one’s career decision. So what are these factors that help one decide one’s path for the future?

For most youngsters today, the money they can earn in a specific career is the prime factor that attracts them to that vocation. The reason for this is obvious students these days believe that money can buy them almost everything be it the materials, comforts or a good standing in the society. The prestige, the fat pay packet, the huge perks and the social status that are associated with the image of a CEO of a company have all led me towards wanting to become a CEO of a leading company. For the same students generally opt for MBA programs in post graduation. Pursuing an MBA from a reputed institute is on the cards, as it would enhance my resume and give me a good designation and package at the very start of my career.

Similarly many students today aspire to go abroad for their post graduation degree as they believe that apart from the learning and the foreign exposure the money a foreign degree can fetch is great.

Financial security is of prime importance for most youngsters today, but for some love for the job takes precedence over everything. Job satisfaction is given equal or more preference to monetary satisfaction.

A double whammy isn’t it? But when does a young carefree teenager realize what he /she wants to do? For some, it may take up precious years of their youth to come to a viable career option while for others their parents would have already decided their fate during their childhood years.

While most youngsters consider factors that can enable them to lead a comfortable lifestyle before choosing a career there are some who believe in giving back to the society. Serving the community or the nation may not be a popular influencing factor for the major chunk of the youth of today, but there are many who still swear by this purpose. If your country has given you so much you too should give her something in return.

An increasing number of students, these days are trying to help the nation in one way or another, be it through doing a few hours of social work regularly or opting for the defense services.

Though, youngsters today want to govern their own life, their decisions are not exclusive of their parents’ desires at least at most times. Though parents are still involved in their children’s decisions and influence them to an extent children these days evaluate their option in keeping with their individual priorities. It’s a 50-50 ratio.

But what if her daughter wants to pursue a career she doesn’t believe in. I will not pressurize my son or daughter to take up a career of my choice but act as a guiding force to help her analyze her talent and advise her about the pros and cons of her choice. Selecting a career should be a carefully thought out process, where a youngster should consider the opinions of his /her parents, friends and the society and other relevant factors.

Factors influencing career selection may be many but the ultimate deciding factor should be a person’s aptitude and the will power to pursue it continuously. As they say ‘I can, I will, I must’ and so should the youth of today.