Why pursue an MBA?

It’s one of the most sought after career options but students need to understand what it takes to be a good management professional. An MBA is a very demanding program. You may not have adequate time to sleep due to heavy course work forget working part time to fund your studies.

An MBA is a very demanding program. You may not have adequate time to sleep due to heavy course work forget working part time to fund your studies.

Institutes convert salaries earned abroad into their own currency and not always by normalizing purchasing power parity. There are many ways in which B-schools show statistics which don’t necessarily tell the truth. Contact current students for honest feedback on the school’s careers services.

Management education is the watchword today, yet there are many things one needs to look before taking up this stream. Today, a majority of graduates attempt the CAT or a management entrance exam whether or not they are serious about pursuing a management degree. Let’s understand what it takes to be a good management professional and make a wise choice.

In this era of cutthroat competition a graduation, degree is considered a basic qualification that can give theoretical knowledge but can’t prepare on to take on the corporate world. In contrast an MBA / PGDM is perceived as something that will open up various employment options at a salary much higher than what a simple graduation degree can fetch. Elaborating on the reasons for immense popularity of a management education, a veteran management faculty. A major reason for the increasing number of students opting for an MBA / PGDM is the hype created by the media that lead every student to believe that anyone who studies management becomes a billionaire overnight. Secondly, the growth of the corporate sector has opened up opportunities . Many of the Industries, especially the services industry that has, emerged over the last few years are essentially management driven. Apart from high paying jobs this industry offers students an opportunity to rise up the career ladder by virtue of being an emerging sector.

Another reason is easy availability of education loans that makes funding one’s MBA effortless. Lastly an MBA degree opens up many international opportunities for students as well.

Though the above mentioned benefits lure students into pursuing management education students often fail to see the real purposes and hard work required to pursue an MBA. Management students caution aspirants against an attitude of enrolling for an MBA only to get additional qualification while laying emphasis on evaluating one’s long term career goals before taking the plunge. A management professional shares his experiences. One must carefully evaluate his /her desired career graph before enrolling for an MBA program.

Career goals aside students must take care to find out the exact nature of the course and not opt for an institute on the mere basis of its placement records. Another professor says placement figures are often misleading. A few students actually get the kind of salary published by institutes . Thus, the mean should be considered and not the median. Also, students must look at the placement figures of an institute with respect to the business cycle. For instance, in 2008 the Indian economy was flourishing and MBA graduates were offered high packages. However, the scenario completely changed in 2009.

Lastly, with number of institutes offering a management education mushrooming one must evaluate his /her options after gauging aspects such as credibility of the institute its USP and the kind of companies that make placement offers on campus. On the importance of knowing the kind of placements offered at a particular institute a company visiting two institutes would offer different roles and packages to students of both the institutes. Thus, instead of compromising on either the company or the role that you’d ideally want to kick start your management career with it is best to find out such details from the alumni of the institute.

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