Management Education

Management education continues to pull students. Besides developing strong business acumen, it undoubtedly accelerates the career growth.

An MBA degree continues to attract aspirants as much as it did a decade ago. And in today’s ever evolving corporate scenario, candidates have also realized that it gives them an opportunity to accelerate their growth as they bring to the table the much needed management expertise and business acumen. Hiring managers too say that the mere mention of MBA in your resume can give you the much needed edge.

Twenty years ago, becoming a graduate was an achievement in itself. This conventional wisdom that dominated Indian minds for long may not necessarily ring true today for the current job market demands a lot more from its prospective employees, and one degree isn’t enough if young aspirants aim to gain that extra edge. Hence in an endeavor to make your resume stand out from the clutter and hone your existing skills to enhance your career growth , an MBA degree seems an apt solution. After all, there is no denying that candidates today have understood the value proposition that a fancy MBA tag brings to the table. The education industry in India has undergone a major renaissance for the number of opportunities it offers to students today are multiple, thus allowing each one to pursue their degrees closest to their respective aptitudes and inclination. The growth of vocational and niche institutions in Tier I and II cities is a case in point.

The number of applicants for the Common Admission Test (CAT) has been increasing over the past decade; so are the number of applicants for other MBA schools across the country points out a senior management faculty . Firstly employers look for differentiators when they seek talent . And possessing additional degree is a definite differentiator . Secondly given the unprecedented decline in availability of jobs for fresh candidates due to the global slowdown students see this time as a great opportunity to hone their existing skills or even add a few. And having an MBA degree in addition to your regular ones is certainly the way forward.

Why the upsurge in enrollments? For starters a tougher job market forces people to strengthen their resume. Slower growth within the ranks in their organizations during a downturn also means that there is a lower perceived opportunity cost of taking two years off to pursue an MBA. As the job market becomes tougher an MBA allows one to differentiate oneself from the crowd . It always helps to add to one’s skills, irrespective of what career stage s/he is in. However, skills can be added while working on the job, or through a formal full time program, if given a choice it makes more sense to earn while you learn

While an MBA is certainly a differentiator in today’s job market, a degree alone does not ensure accelerated career growth . Some of the ingredients for successful career continue to remain constant a go-getter attitude, excellent team management skills and most importantly one’s ability to innovate. Today’s job market demands professionals with abilities beyond just the knowledge of the subject and an MBA degree is certainly the way forward.

MBA as an education makes one understand the language of business. MBA as a degree equips one with enough analytical skills to be able to take appropriate decisions. Over the years, an MBA has become the de facto entry qualification to join the professional workforce. Hence an MBA as a degree is important . MBA as a career decision fosters excellent career growth opportunities. No other degree offers the same kind of flexibility and versatility that an MBA degree does. Ideally, the benefits that one can derive from an MBA education are much higher when the student has prior work experience.