Attitudinal Development Excellence

Transcending academics, management education is now focusing on attitudinal development excellence and capacity building. Besides a strong knowledge base, the global industry needs dedicated individuals with integrity for whom management is an outlook.

Evolution is a perennial process yet basic values are eternal . This applies to academics also. Incorporating new changes higher education in the country is evolving. Management education too is turning a new page. Amid modern approaches and infrastructure industry experts find certain fundamentals like right perspective, professionalism and commitment missing. According to them, in the competitive era, majority of students hanker after jobs instead of aspiring for excellence. Besides a strong base the global industry today seeks persevered individuals with integrity for whom management is an outlook. To connect the missing link higher education in the country is focusing on attitudinal development and capacity building.

One’s attitude tells on performance. It we are aspiring to be a superpower we need to bring about big changes. In India we still have that laid back attitude. We do not feel its important to keep time. Meeting deadlines and being committed are extremely important not only professional environment but in life as a whole.

Education needs to emphasize on attitudinal development. It should comprise basic principles like punctuality and time management, quality right perspective ownership and sense of belongingness. Discipline is required throughout. Each good professional and individual should possess a degree of maturity to understand what is required to be a good professional and human being. Education is inculcating those values but they have has to be there in the first place. Students must aspire to excel in all spheres of life.

Management goes beyond education. It is self discipline and systematic outlook. Where is it reflected? Poor civic sense and disobedience to norms are not something to be proud of. Management is about stream lining things and on the contrary many of us seem piling things and messing them up. One should set high standards of excellence and meet them. Management is not only part of higher education discipline but integral part of one’s grooming up.

Education needs to be industry centric and things are changing gradually. It’s beyond classroom and communication personality development and professionalism are becoming part of the syllabi. Enhancing overall integrated capacity of individuals may emerge as business potential. Students need to upgrade and stay committed.

According to him, improved abilities are required to deal with mounting pressure. Today’s age is putting enormous stress on professional and personal lives. Running away is not the way out. Being level headed and tackling pressure is required.

The basic is family and parenting. Students are guarded so much that they do not have to take any responsibility and also they are not supposed to manage things on their own. They have been provided with everything. To begin with we should teach them to win responsibilities.

Management schools try to cater to the industry’s demands. Students should look at stability instead of hankering after jobs.

Recruiters should not undervalue management professionals. There is a wide range of packages management graduates are offered. Recruiters should exactly look at the kind of people they want and pay them right.

Innovation and leadership is the new mantra. Institutes should gear up to face the challenges gear up to face the challenges for creating a new pedagogy . This ensures encouragement of intelligence quotient in our students, urges them to creativity, exposes them to the humanities and stresses the necessity of giving back to the society

Management schools should lay emphasis on everything right from infrastructure to molding. They should value ethics deeply. At our institute one of the cheapest indicators of success is life long relationship among classmates, faculty and alumni. Our students body reflects in diversity of India, where no region or culture dominates. After all, what matters is the power of learning and exposure to new ideas to teamwork and co-operation.

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  • Natraj

    This topic about attitudinal development is very interesting. Many prospective employers who come to recruit our students in our college campus emphasize that they select students not for their intelligence or skills.But they select them (or reject them) for their attitude.
    In colleges we focus mostly on knowledge acquisition and skills to some extent. But we don’t do anything for development of favorable attitude to make them employable. At times we scold some students for their bad attitude and comment that the student has some attitude problem and stop with it. We hardly do anything to develop or mold their attitude.
    Is it possible to bring a change in the attitude of students? Are there any trainers or association that contributes to this important issue? Can some one throw some practical suggestions to bring a change in our MBA students? If we are able to do this I’m sure we can succeed in placing most of our students.


    Attitude plays a great role in our life. During camuses we do give more weight on attitude and behaviour while selecting potential candidates.
    at times it’s my experience that top rank holder from top business school fails on account of their attitude.
    it’ll be a good sign , if universities nurturing soft skill in their students from the begining.
    Raakesh Dixit


    Thanks a many to ‘ Cite Man Network’ for this enlightening and conduct/character modeling lesson. What is very much interesting in this lesson is, the author’s impetus on enabling parental, and family values in shaping an MBA holding job aspirants. After all, ‘ Family ‘ is the basic unit, which should help his/her members in course correction, with needed thrust on their self reliance.

    Any Business School worth it is, can only build such people’s personality, only on the above foundation. What can even the best Business School do more about contributing to ones’ attitudinal development excellence ‘, if this – his/her foundation is weak. It is where, sizable number of this generation’s job aspirants are misguided and misdirected. Unfortunately they are made to believe that money is every thing. Values and Value-additions are a distant catch for them.

    I think, this much sought after lesson has indeed tried to reduce this disproportion, in a great measure. In fact, I trust this’ Great Cite Man Network ‘, will further endeavor to also come with more valuable management values of eastern thinking practically demonstrated by ‘ The Gita, Sri Bhagavan Sri Krishna, Sri Swami Vivekananda, The Sufi/s, The Jesus Order etc. Their teachings have an universal spiritual / appeal, with no overtones whatsoever on distinct/respective faiths adopted by people across all sections.