Job hopping – Do not rush


Let us take the case of project manager AS plays the job portals, his last two, home and car EMIs have lapsed and he’s considering asking his dad for a loan. Anil initially worked in a high-end technology firm and moved into management two years ago. Each new employer hired him for his impressive technical and personal skills. But his delivery track record finally caught up with him and the he was fired five months ago. With six years experience spanning eight companies and a salary of Rs 11 lakh per annum, AS choices are limited.

Opportunities for employment and growth today are tremendous, as companies in every industry retail, software, advertising, airlines, telecom, manufacturing, BPO, films, media, architecture, you name it expand with unprecedented abandon.

The overall growth of the industry has led to a manpower crunch has resulted in undeserved and unsustainably high salaries. It’s like the time when unions pushed salaries up and every sweeper in the Thane Belapur industrial area earned Rs 20,000 per month! But then companies got hit, the entire belt collapsed, and people were left jobless.

It is possible that, at some point, the knowledge workers salary boom will come to the same disastrous end.

It’s not just performance one should also learn how to learn. Professionals need to keep up with technology, grow people skills, and build a network. They should learn how to manage — not just subordinates but also peers and boss. They must be careful not to burn out.

Build savings and Keep needs under control so that one is not got caught in the consumer trap, fell prey to brands and hype, became slaves of their iPods, laptops, expensive phones, home and car loans and live on credit card debt till shake-out time, when they found themselves in big trouble.

In the fashion industry you take several seasons to learn and observe trends, buy merchandise and eventually review whether your decisions held good. So, it takes 2-3 years for a person to be gauged by the organization and himself / herself assessing own potential. Leaving a company in one year is good to no one.

One of the highest-paid professionals in the country is a case study worth following. Initially a hands-on salesperson, he worked with tires, then PCs, then music. At every step, he picked up new products and turned them to gold. When he took over RPG’s Spencer’s, he broke new ground, established the Food World and Music World brands and chains of stores, set standards for modern retail in India, and created a team of people who, 10 years down the line, are pleasantly surprised to find themselves leaders in a burgeoning industry.