Campus Recruitment

If campus recruiting is used, steps should be taken by the Human Resources Department to ensure that recruiters are knowledgeable concerning the jobs that are to be filled in the organizations and understand and employ effective interviewing skills. Campus recruiting however, is not easy. Some common mistakes committed by recruiters may be listed thus:

Common mistakes made in campus recruiting:

1) Failure to utilize a full time professional recruiter: often recruitment is used as a training experience for new employees. This results in rapid turnover in the recruitment office.
2) The recruiter is not professionally trained in interviewing: Professionally trained as used here means a minimum training period of three days of principles and practices using live interviews that are audio or videotaped and critiqued.
3) The recruiter does not have the authority to make decisions with regard to hiring: Often this is reserved for the boss. Who does not know how to conduct an evaluation interview?
4) the actual plant visit is mishandled: Recruits are left waiting from scheduled appointments , constant interruptions occur during the visit, arrangements by the institute may not be up to the mark, prior short listing of students is not arranged etc.
5) The recruiter does not get involved in the development of the new employee. Because the recruiter often has the best rapport with the new employees he or she should become involved.

Guidelines for Campus recruiting: The following guidelines can be offered covering campus recruitment efforts of well known companies in India thus:

Shortlists campuses:

The campuses whose curricula and specialization match the needs of a company are short listed in advance. Asian Paints, for instance evaluates the education standards of all leading B schools including the quality or classroom education, the strengths of the faculty and the depth of support systems like libraries, computerized referencing et al. It also scans the entrance tests of these schools to find whether the admitted students are intellectually superior. The schools that fit its stringent standards are on its list every year.

Choose recruiting within carefully: The recruiting team should consist of senior executives having thorough knowledge of the company at the job. The composition of the team generally shows how seriously the management takes campus recruitment to create a favorable impression for example, HCL Technologies Ltd CEO, Shiv Nadar, addresses the students himself. Alumni from the B schools from which the firm wants to hire people could also be used to get positive responses.

Pay smartly not highly:

Since compensation is not the most important factor at the beginning of one’s career the recruiting firm should focus attention on a compensation package that is competitive and in line with industry practices, for example, there is one thing all prospective Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab (HTSL) employees in Bangalore are told clearly while they are being interviewed ; the company is not trying to match the best salaries in the industry. But then the company has something that other companies can’t offer. New recruits find the recognition systems, the work culture and the learning opportunities big attraction.

Present a clear image: Companies such as Procter and Gamble, Nestle present a clear image of how they help the new recruits build a promising career within a short span of time. Come grow with us is the theme that they sell to prospective candidates who are in search of interesting challenging assignments (rather than assignments cushioned with rewards and benefits) .

Do not oversell yourself: These is no point in overselling the idea of a learning environment or a best pay master etc. through inflated claims. Instead, facts must be presented in a frank way, throwing light on how performance gets rewarded and competencies are nurtured carefully.

Source: HRM