Effectiveness of selection program


The purpose of selection program and techniques is to choose the most suitable candidate for a given job from among the prospective employees. The selection program would be effective, if the candidates selected / hired perform their jobs efficiently and sincerely with commitment. The human resource manager should evaluate the effectiveness of the selection program periodically. Dale S Beach suggests audit of the selection program to know the effectiveness of the selection program.

Recent Trends in Selection

New trends have been emerging in selection techniques along with other areas of human resources management. The recent trends in selection include:

1. selection by invitation
2. leasing and
3. 3600 selection program.

Selection by Invitation: Management observes the performance of key executives of competitors. If the performance of key executives is excellent or the key executives are change agents, the management invites such executives to join the organization by offering attractive salary and benefits. Thus, the significant performance of the executives forms basis for selecting them by invitation.

Leasing: Presently the organizations need to employ specialists to take-up the highly skilled jobs. In fact, the changes in technology demand highly skilled employees. It would be very difficult to small organizations to employ the skilled employees as they demand high pay. Added to this employees may not have enough work. These factors enabled the consultancy organizations to employ experts and depute these employees to the needy companies on lease. These consultancy organizations are principal employers and the needy organizations draw the required employees from the pool on lease and pay the agreed fee to the consultancy firms. The consultancy firms pay the salary to the employees.

This type of arrangement is beneficial to the consultants, employees on lease and the industrial organizations. The business organizations can utilize the services of the experts with less cost. The employees get high pay and benefits. The leasing company derives surplus from its charges and fees.

3600 Selection program: Normally superiors administer the selection tests and interviews. They judge the fit between the job and the candidate. But the employee skills, knowledge and performance affect not only superiors but also subordinates and the employees of the same level. Hence, the organizations started involving the subordinates and the employees of the same level in administering the employment tests and interviews. This type of selection program is called 3600 selection program.

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