Relationships at Work

It is necessary to be in the right place at the right time with the right people. We all need to network with people for various reasons, whether it is for building a client base, getting in touch with friends or just looking for newer pastures. Well, the only thing different today is the fact that the mode of networking has changed.

Earlier, managers used to travel across locations to attend various corporate events and seminars and met up with a fresh set of contacts from the industry. However, today the scenario is different technology has given a new twist to the networking story, social media participation has become an essential tool for networking with professional contacts, making new contacts, recruiting employees as well as keeping in touch with the world. Today, online networking websites provide an easy platform that lets you stay connected with the right people in a group to explore your choice of opportunities.

Experts opine that if a professional is not participating in the top social media and networking sites, the world is leaving him behind. The crux of the matter being that connections are everything these days. And a social networking website actually offers you the platform wherein you can directly interact with the CEO of a company on a one on one basis! Needless to say, online career networking sites have become extremely critical for hundreds of young professionals across the global and in India.

Relationships at work:

It is very crucial to have to have an online presence while at work, so that you can share your thoughts or keep yourself in sync with office colleagues online. They are also useful for tracking a person’s career or even just keeping in touch with colleagues from your ex-company.

If you are online the world is your stage in the true sense. You can look up your friends or professionals from across the globe. And its altogether so easy to get in touch and find out about a new country or place or enquire about things from someone you know online.

Career networking websites help candidates to choose the right kind of career options. Even HR managers are shifting focus from traditional methodologies to the online medium – which is certainly more interactive. These online platforms offer plenty of opportunities to individuals to market themselves better and in an extremely effective manner. They enable professionals to promote their skills and expertise in a subtle way and thus get recognized by the right target group.

The viral power of these websites is also helping out professionals in passive job seeking. Career networking sites feature a unique viral marketing system that connects the right professionals with the right organizations or a perfect job opening. Even today, employers are looking at creative cost effective and efficient ways to recruit the best of talents and it is a career in networking sites, which attracts career seekers from Generation Y to the executive level.
It’s not just professionals alone, but students too who have started investing their time on these networking website. In this way, students develop 21st century skill sets where they discuss about technology online, design and more. This platform also provides an option for students to exchange notes on scripts, poems, content editing and customizations among others. In fact these social networking sites are offering tremendous education potential.

These websites offer more than just social fulfillment or professional networking and also have implications for educators, who now have a vast opportunity to support what students are learning on these sites. Educators can take a cue from the forums run or managed by students and can better understand what the student’s thoughts or opinions are like and what they are interested in. This will further help educators to build the curriculum or methodology.

Without doubt, networking sites are great and offer huge benefits to individuals, professionals and students

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