Build Humans at Work

Build humans and you will build the globe was the resonating spirit amongst the stalwarts of India gathered at the recently held 14th National Conference 2010 of the National HRD Network in association with Ascent (The print partner).

There couldn’t have been a grander HR conclave than this, where stalwarts from some of the biggest industries and organizations met and deliberated upon some serious issues the corporate world is dealing with these days. Towards the next orbit was the theme of this two and a half day conference . The conference was held at the Kingdom of Dreams an exclusive entertainment and leisure destination in Gurgaon.

The recent turn of events when you look at the global economy has been phenomenal. The globalization of processes and changing consumer patterns, internationalization of markets and strategies diffusion of knowledge and a global political economy have irrevocably created a flat and borderless world. More and more investments are flowing in to our economy and it’s time we ask a question – How can we prepare our nation for more robust growth? India is one of the fastest growing economies in the World. How do we make our growth more inclusive and sustainable and have a higher level of corporate governance?

Arun Maira, member planning commission was the chief guest at the conference and shared his perspective w.r.t the evolving economic and business opportunity with the gathering during the opening ceremony. What came up very sharply was the fact that indeed we are in the next orbit – the next orbit of growth and we are facing the heat of the competition and growth. However, the main point which was raised was the challenge faced towards sustaining this growth.

The Solution is to let a million fireflies glow – that is, glow with the power of individual enterprise and hard work and this will help wipe the darkness of poverty. The landscape of business is changing dramatically. The economies of the world have become multi polar . This is the time to think of new and fresh ideas for the future. We need to focus on issues and challenges. Industries all over the world need extensive revamp of policies.

The Contemporary world is a very complex world; business models have changed and we need different mindsets to manage such business models. We must focus on development perspectives for Gen Y as they possess the key talent to take the corporate world into the next orbit of sustainable growth. The main reason behind the conference was – ‘build human and you will build the globe.’

The National HRD Conference was aimed to develop our understanding of the evolving management practices, processes and changes and also provide road maps for succeeding in doing business in the next orbit.

The valedictory speech was delivered by Adi Godrej tries at conclusion of the 3rd day of the conference. As we progress and grow our biggest strength lies in our people. Our future success will truly rely on how effectively we leverage our people strength. As HR professionals you play a critical role in rallying the trajectory of growth through the corporate world of today and tomorrow.

All in all, the three day long conference saw various business leaders, management professionals, top government functionaries and eminent speakers from India and deliberate on several topics w.r.t orchestrating change, business strategy and value adding governance.