Brand extension, rejunevation and relaunch


By locating brand name and logo the marketer is through with only the most preliminary task in brand building. The crucial tasks begin only then. Tasks such as differentiating and positioning of the brand and deciding and implementing appropriate distribution and communication strategies have to be attended to.

A brand needs various kinds of support as it goes along. The customers have to be reminded about the brand; the competitors may deflect even loyal customers’ attention. Sometimes the brand may look stale after sometime, new entrants with various selling propositions may appear more attractive. So there is continuous work for the marketing man even in respect of his well performing brands. He has to monitor his brands consistently and bring out various improvements in them.

Brand Extension:

Brand extension is an effective tool/weapon in brand management, and is basically means extending a brand name to more products.

Types of Brand Extensions:

A brand name can be extended in three ways,

I. Extended to other items in the same product line.
Sunrise coffee was extended to other offers. Brand names Sunrise premium, Sunrise extra coffee are catering to different segments. This is called line extension. All are products in the same line – coffee.

II. Extended to items in a related product line
Maggi initially was a brand of noodles. Later the brand name was extended to other product lines in the related category food — Maggi ketchup, Maggi soup etc., It is a case of related brand extension. Maggi’s instant culinary expertise was extended to related food items. This is called related brand extension or category extension.

III. Extended to items in an unrelated product line.
The brand name Enfield initially used for motorcycles was later extended to Television and gensets. Here the products belong to different and unrelated categories. It is a case of unrelated brand extension or outside the category extension.

In this article we are giving relevant examples under each category:

Line extension:

In detergents HLL launched Surf Ultra, Surf Excel, Surf Excelmatic and International Surf excel as line extension of Surf Excel.

Category Extension:

The Dettol Brand name was extended to a number of related products as shown below:

Dettol Soap ———– antiseptic soap

Dettol Plaster ———- antiseptic bandage

Dettol Handwash —– antiseptic wash

Unrelated brand extension:

In case if Videocon they started with Television and extended their brand name to other categories to Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Air conditioners etc., which are not related to televisions.

Brand Rejuvenation:

Brand rejuvenation involves adding value to an existing brand by improving product attributes and enhancing its overall appeal. It is intended to re-focus the attention of consumers on an existing brand. Brand Rejuvenations helps in overcoming the consumer’s boredom in seeing the same product on the shelves year after year. A consumer’s psychological desire for change is one key factor behind brand rejuvenation by companies.