Office and Employees

They eat, drink and breathe work. Believers of work is worship, they are always over loaded with work. You will seldom find them away from their workstations. If they manage to look away from their computer screens you will find them muttering, ‘I have so much to do’. A huge sigh and they are back at it again.

We have colleagues who just mind their own business, which doesn’t go beyond work and deadlines and hardly mingle with other co workers.

To heighten the effect, they usually go for lunch after the lunch hours and pretend to leave office only when the security guards are ready to push them out.

Nomads: In contrast to the underdogs every office has colleagues who are never at their workstation. They owe their nomadic existence to their outgoing personality and work phobia. Chances are high that you will find them hovering around their colleagues’ desk discussing the latest bollywood release or a recently opened restaurant. Don’t be surprised if you find them mingling with colleagues in departments sitting across different floors in your skyscraper office.

Visiting faculty: When the visiting faculty is at work you will find them spending half their time is spent in greeting their colleagues and the rest giving explanation about the sickness vacation, unavailability or busy schedule. Before they settle down to do some work it’s time for them to call it a day. And who knows when next you will see them at work.

Party animals:

Employees falling under this activity love activity, adventure and leisure. They look out for escapades in form of birthday treats, cultural day celebrations and office parties. Looking for reasons to bunk work and coax a colleague to order for pizza or pastries is not a big deal for them. These party animals have no qualms in volunteering for decoration to celebrate any occasion. So be it a colleague’s birthday, Independence Day, Christmas or women’s day they know how to make the most of it.

Office Furniture:

Looks like they are part of the office since the first war of Independence. For them attending office is a routine activity. Just like they brush their teeth every morning they have been taking the same mode of transportation for years to reach their place of dwelling – the office.

They sport a been there done that attitude. And their years of experience makes them the knowledge database for company policies. Their employees can look up to them for advice related to company rules and regulations.


They consider office as their fashion aisle where they can catwalk and display their latest purchase. You will find them greeting colleagues who are not even looking at them. Fashionistas have enough free time to tell you (whether or not you want to listen) about their favorite shopping destination and favorite brands. They happen to spend quality time with themselves in the rest rooms, touching make up and adjusting their fashionable and ill fitting clothes. If you have women colleagues who have pierced their eyebrows, wear anklets and have treated hair, you know which category they belong.


Poor souls on earth you can easily spot freshers in any office,. They carry a confused expression and find themselves lost in translation from the luxurious confines of the college campus to the ultra competitive and fast paced environment. Perplexed with what they see around in their new office, they try hard to walk, talk, think and behave like their experienced team members. They are the black sheep in every team and find themselves working hard to please their superiors. No surprises in their attempt to perform well, they end up becoming boss’s pet.

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