Office automation boom


The rising instances of data theft from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms might be cause for grave concern for the booming Information Technology industry in India, but for the office automation industry it’s turning out to be a big business opportunity.

Office automation firms like Sharp, Xerox and Canon — have started equipping their multifunctional devices (MFD) that include printers, scanners and fax machines with various security features. These include data security kits, encrypted PDF with password protection, document control system, IP/MAC (media access control) address filtering and micro text font— that go a long way in preventing theft of confidential information.

With the increasing disturbing news about security lapses and leakage of confidential data, security requirements in offices and institutions have gone up to a great extent. And with printing, scanning and faxing being an inevitable part of any office, it is time to equip our MFD with enhanced security features to combat data theft.

So while a data security kit in an MFD automatically encrypts and erases the data after each job is complete, encrypted PDF with password protection enables users to gain access to the file only after successfully re-entering the chosen password.

With document control system in place, any unauthorized attempt to copy a controlled-document is simply cancelled or results in the output of a blank page. Not only this, with the IP/MAC address filtering, only PCs that have either their IP address or MAC (media access control) address registered are allowed to access the device.

To add to this is micro text font which is 1/100th of an inch. This is designed to help make documents with personal information, like
birth certificates, identification papers, and checks, even harder to forge.

The concept of security systems in MFD geared in India in late 2005 after establishment of strict norms for IT peripherals in certain verticals like BPO and R&D labs, and especially for printing sensitive data within large corporate companies in lieu of the threat and instances of data pilferage in the BPO industry and in case of prestigious examinations.

Security is increasingly becoming a need rather than an add-on feature. Keeping this in mind, Xerox India developed and introduced multi-functional products in the Indian market that can be operated only through an access card or finger print recognition. This makes the device a fool-proof means to ensure security of document being printed faxed or scanned.