Lifestyle cell phones


Cell phone companies are developing more advanced handsets targeting corporate companies. Next generation mobile phones and digital lifestyle applications seem to be the priority calls of the Global manufacturers who plan to flood the Indian and other Asian markets with new product portfolios.

Market leader Nokia is likely to enter the markets shortly with various models of New Music edition phones. The N 80 Internet edition will also be launched at the same time.

Nokia is also likely to introduce ‘N’ series ‘multimedia computer’ cell phones in different models. With their N series portfolio of 10 different multimedia devices and rich multimedia applications the company is confident of becoming preferred choice for the consumers by truly enriching the digital mobile life styles. The prices may vary between Rs 17000 to 35000/-

The demand for converged devices growing at an exponential pace and its total volume is expected to reach 100 million units in 2007 and 250 million units in the subsequent year.

Sony Ericsson do not want to lag behind and unveiled its latest range of walkman phones in attractive color combinations like Rose pink, blue etc., Their strategy is to excite the consumers with their new series of cell phones combining music with technology expertise.

Korean majors Samsung and LG are bullish on 3rd generation hand sets and hinted to bring in low cost 3G phones into the Indian Market. The Indian Information and Technology minister has hinted that the low cost 3 G phones will be available in India by early 2007.

LG are planning and ready to launch Rs 10,000 — 3G mobile phones in India as soon as they get authorities approval. Samsung is also having a couple of 3G models ready and are awaiting government clearance. They said that pricing will be a challenge under this category.

With the arrival of 3rd generation telephony and more penetration into rural areas Indian mobile phone users are going to cross the Three hundred million mark within the next five years say by 2011. This is against the estimated current 125 million according to industry sources.

Meanwhile cell phone makers like Nokia, Motorola, i-mate are also focusing on more advanced handsets for the corporate market while the personal usage of cell phones mature across the country by far and wide usage from mega cities to rural villages.

They expect the business oriented hand sets to expand the markets of corporate users which account for about less than 10 percent of all cell phone subscriptions.

Dubai based cell phone company i-mate has rolled out mobile office for corporate market through its novel offering JAQ, which is powered with new offering Microsoft Windows 5.0. This may cost around Rs 25,000.

The cell phone manufacturer i-mate has observed that more than just camera phones consumers prefer to buy total communication solutions for their office and personal use when they are on the move. The chairman of i-mate says that their new product is on the same line and fully satisfies the consumer requirements. The company is coming out with more such products.