Engineering Aspirations

IIT JEE is a lot more than just an entrance test to the IITs. It’s a brand of India’s technical presence in the world arena. Thus, the likelihood of this exam getting scrapped is much lesser than the scores of this exam being used for admission to institutions other than the IITs.

You have to practice more IIT JEE pattern based papers within a stipulated time. You must also identify the kind of questions that you take a long time to answer and practice accordingly. In the latest objective pattern IIT JEE time management has become a crucial aspect and students should practice as much as they can. Along with speed, accuracy should also be taken care of since the questions carry negative marking if answered incorrectly.

Any decision in this regard has not been taken for JEE 2011 or 2012. Whatever the case, board results will only be an eligibility criterion, the competitive exam is here to stay.

You should look for a coaching class with the following ; (1) A team of experienced and dedicated faculty with consistent tack record, (2) A well researched error free comprehensive study material package (3) The availability of the senior faculty members in case of doubts on a regular basis. (4) Internal evaluations and performance assessment, (5) A good infrastructure and sound academic environment lastly (6) The institute should be driven by professionally oriented corporate set up rather than individual teachers.

Preparing for the IIT JEE also helps a student prepare for other competitive engineering examinations such as IIT – JEE, BIT – SAT AIEEE and MHT – CET. A great opportunity for those preparing for JEE is to appear for the Olympiads as they are any way going to extensively practice physics, chemistry and mathematics.

A JEE is the apex level engineering competitive examination in the country. More than four lakh students appear for this examination annually but only ten thousand amongst these make it to IIT, the most coveted of engineering institutions. Thus, who qualify the examination are considered amongst the brightest students in the country and are looking at a potential rewarding career. Thus the hype is somewhat inevitable.

If your preparation is on track in terms of completion of syllabus then the most important thing for you to do is to increase you speed and accuracy as well as develop a very high exam temperament. Remember most students who fail to crack JEE accept that either they could not attempt the complete paper including those questions that they knew the answers to or could not give their 100 per cent in the second paper due to lack of exam temperament. Try to appear for as many mock tests as you can. It will help you in not only revising the subjects comprehensively but will also help you to get ready for the final day with a lot of experience. Finally, follow the advise of your mentors religiously for they are the people who can tell you the code to crack JEE.

Now is the time to polish your skills, develop that extra edge in terms of abilities and smart thinking while tackling objective type questions. The time left now many not be sufficient to learn new topics so its better if you work on your existing abilities instead of trying to gather something of everything and then ending up with nothing. Ask your teachers about relative weight of various topics. Topics like matrices, 3D, geometry are syllabus wise very small as compared to topics like trigonometry but hold proportional weightage. The idea is that in the few months left for JEE, you can target those topics which fetch you more marks for less input.

Math as a subject has a very simple rule for success the more you practice the more easy the subject keeps becoming.

If you feel that you are not comfortable in particular area, then adopt a simple strategy.

First clear your concepts using a good course book and if available take the help of experienced professors. Second practice as many questions as you can from those books where you can find straight forward and not tricky questions thereafter moving to tricky solved examples from material meant for competitive exams and only then you will find that you are ready for the acid test. Go launch yourself on those exercises tagged as level III, level H or Level G.

Excerpts from The Times of India