Self discipline in office and working environment


Discipline is the key to success in any operations be it war, work place or a religious function and that too if each one follows self discipline then the cumulative effect will have phenomenal results.

The universal truth is that every one of us requires to do a job which we may not like and this will remain an eternal requirement. In this environment self discipline is a must to achieve success. The ancient Indian philosophers say that if one does a jjob whatever pleases him then it does not achieve anything.

There are many things in life we may be pleased to do but should not do it like eating junk food, sitting late in office even when not required, browsing the net without a purpose and over indulging in parties etc., All these add up to make a person unproductive and inefficient in the long run.

Therefore discipline is a must particularly in office atmosphere or work environment. It could be initially ‘external’ like a boss guiding, directing and controlling the employee. However in the long run external discipline will pave the way to internal discipline.

In this article we are giving below a few guidelines how to inculcate self discipline:

Most employees start the day without any purpose or plans and they are very much confused as to what they should do or achieve. They travel from home to office as a routine and hardly have any enthusiasm in achieving a purpose for the day. To start with an employee can develop a self interest in work by planning at the end of the day what he can do the next day. A good time table will help tackle not only such regular activities as mailing, call making, preparing reports but also special activities like presentations and greetings which need to be looked in detail. The planning must incorporate some extra time to tackle contingencies and spill over of planned activities and unexpected events.

Most problems happen when one becomes impulsive especially when faced with new or unexpected work. For instance if one is busy on some planned work and some one else comes up with a new proposal or interesting assignment the concerned must not stop doing the work on hands and jump to listening to the new proposal. One should not be impulsive on such situations. The employee must complete the work on hands, carefully consider the new proposal and take the new task. The incumbent must remember that the work as per the original plan is more important to be completed first and must also keep a track on hour to hour basis about the plans made for the day.

A successful person needs to be proactive. Most successful persons have this habit and they have the ability to act and find solutions before the problems crop up. The more one gets into the habit of ‘right thinking’, the more sharp and focused he will become.

Finally, we say that discipline is not an inborn thing. It needs to be cultivated. The successes achieved on account of this will encourage a person in any field to keep up this habit and become routinely self-disciplined.