Eco Friendly Organizations

From urging to sparingly use and save stationery to incorporating eco friendly interiors, corporate organizations are going green.

Going Green:

While environmentalists and nature lovers are battling to save the eco system, the corporate world (responsible mainly for e-waste) is also pitching in, after corporate social responsibility organizations now are promoting the green cause. Employees too are willingly contributing to such initiatives. Recently our organizations conducted a survey wherein employees were asked if they were in favor of annual diaries and calendars. Surprisingly most people answered in the negative. After that the practice of distributing diaries and calendars was done away with. This is just one of the many instances that go on to show the heightened sense of awareness that people have developed with regards to the environment.

The Eco –friendly office:

Realizing the need to be energy efficient here are some of the measures that offices adopt to reduce their carbon foot prints:

Save paper: Most offices these days do not encourage indiscriminate printing. Employees are asked to remove printouts only when it is very essential. Informational Technology (IT) professionals state “At our office we are allowed to take only certain number of prints per day if any employee wishes to take extra copies then he /she is expected to raise a special request. Such measures limit the wastage of paper and also electricity. Even the usage of tissue papers in the cafeteria has been discontinued. Personal handkerchiefs and Napkins are encouraged.”

Our organization has made it a point to expand the green spaces every year by a few percent by making minor change. This keeps the office ambience healthy and increases circulation of fresh air. Even the furniture used at workplaces is reflective of the organization’s commitment to eco friendly measures.

Go digital: Most offices and corporate organizations prefer going the e-way to limit their carbon emissions. We have stopped receiving hard copies of our earlier magazine. It has now gone digital and we access the e-copies.

Technology to the rescue: From using compact fluorescent lamps to motion sensors, the benefits of technology are leveraged to save substantial amounts of energy and electricity. Supporting this, Motion sensors are installed in our office. When it detects motion the lights are switched on else they are off. This hugely helps in conservation of electricity.

Apart from the above measures there are also other steps that ensure consumption of energy. Switching off the computer or (at least the monitor) when not being used for a long period of time. Certain offices use more of glass in their architecture so as to tap natural light and maximize its usage. This reduces dependence on other artificial sources of light. Even cafeterias of offices now try to reduce the use of plastic. Organizations also have awareness programs to make employees realize the importance of energy conservation.

While the trade off between technology and nature will also continue organizations have realized the need to adopt eco friendly techniques It not only contributes to the larger cause of conserving nature but also brings along with it fringe benefits like internal satisfaction and a lesser burden on the conscience. It no longer is only fashionable to speak on issues like global warming without doing anything about it. It gives immense satisfaction to be part of this change making process through organizations. Initiatives of this sort from organizations will pave the way for a better and greener future for all. Thus be it with the participation of employees or with the assistance of technology, corporates are championing the green cause.