Sales job challenges


Ask executives at various levels if they would like their kids to take up sales as their profession and you will rarely find anyone saying yes.

One possible reason for this could be that a sales job involves a lot of pressure. A sales person is often sandwiched between the organization and the client. In addition to convincing clients, s/he also has to win over his own people (internal clients). This pleasing both masters goes on all the time, month after month, year after year.

But there’s more to sales. Although not a favored profession, it ensures two most important things- growth and money. Given below are a few tips that may make this job more enjoyable and more professional.

During a sales call the objectives of the salesperson is to make the client say the magic word ‘YES’ Each time the client says yes he moves one step ahead on the sales cycle. The sales cycle includes opening, connecting needs analysis, solution providing, proposing, price discussion and closing. Know that you cannot get ahead in the sales cycle without hearing a ‘yes’ from the client at each and every stage.

Have a goal

Every sales call has to have an objective. This means that every call should help to move forward on the sales process. That makes mere courtesy calls relationship building calls an absolute waste of time and money because best relations are made only through great deals. Any meeting with the client has to be a forward movement in the sales process.

It’s important to do your homework before any meeting. That does not mean you should find out every possible thing about the client and his organization.

You need to collect some basic information about the organization so that you can ask the right questions. Asking all the right questions is two-third of the battle won.

So remember, your research should be aimed at asking the right questions and not showing off your knowledge. You ask the right questions and the client gives you all the information you need, you can use it to your advantage.

Sales are often considered synonymous with talking. It’s a crime if you are the one who is going to do all the talking in a sales call. We all love listening to our own voice and clients are no exceptions. Make a client talk and there is a larger possibility that you will connect with him better. This again boils down to good questioning skills.

Seek to solve

Give the client what he wants and what is right for him. Do not try to push something that he does not need, because in the long run you are sure to lose this client. This is a difficult thing to do with all the pressure to achieve targets. But this also means that you should never depend on that big deal from one client to fulfill your target; you should slowly keep bagging smaller deals from different clients too.

Be positive

This might sound clichéd but the fact remains that you need to have a positive attitude towards your profession, or else, quit.

Either do it wholeheartedly or change your profession because the efforts taken to make a good call or a bad call are almost the same. However, the pleasure and confidence you get out of a good call is what growth is all about. The only thing that will keep you positive is success and success is possible only through right efforts in the right direction.