Perfect Work Life Balance

Have you ever been stuck in a situation were you have to put in some extra hours at work to complete a career changing project and at the same time have to be at home to help your son or daughter who has an important exam the next day?

Ever been in a situation where you are confused about whether to give priority to your professional life or to your personal life? If the answer is affirmative then you are not alone. We all have been through this bitter sweet struggle of balancing the demands of our career with that of our families.

When it comes to giving priority we always have to choose our professional life over our personal life as it’s our bread and butter. However, the demands of work and the odd hours require us to compromise on our personal lives which in turn leads to a rift in the relationships that we have. Balancing your professional and personal lie is one of the hardest things that you have to do in your career.

Even so, often all professional employees get caught up with meetings, demands to achieve professional goals and neglect their personal lives. Career often takes priority as without it, we would not be able to provide for our family which is everyone’s ultimate personal goal. Thus, in order to achieve this, professionals often justify the long hours spent in the office as a necessity and top priority.

However, managers are of a different opinion regarding these issues. Professionals should learn to balance their personal responsibilities relationships and goals with their professional ones. If they are unable to do so then they are often distracted at work and submit projects that are not up to the mark. Also, the inability to balance both the aspects also makes professionals resentful as they feel overwhelmed by the pressure to keep up the pace and lose sense of what is truly important. While the task of achieving a balance might seem tough, it’s noun unachievable. All one has to do is plan, prioritize and stick to their goals.

Says a professional working with a leading media firm ‘until now I have been lucky enough to find jobs which have weekends off. So I try and make the most of these holidays when it comes to my personal life. I try and not bring work or work frustrations home and keep my work life away from my personal life’.

In order to maintain the delicate balance between work and life professionals should try the following:

Set limits at work – Professionals should try and set a limit at work. Setting limits involves learning to respectfully say no, delegating effectively and putting time restrictions for yourself. Initially it is a hard task to achieve especially for the career oriented people. However, it prevents the professionals from getting overwhelmed with the process and work to start running their lives

Set a personal time – Not only should a professional set a personal time for themselves, they should also treat it as seriously as they would treat their work time. The personal time should be treated like any business appointment on your calendar, which is a commitment that cannot be shrugged or ignored. You wouldn’t dream about missing an important meeting with colleagues or clients, so treat the time that you spend with your family in a similar manner.

Evaluate your priorities: Professionals should set clear personal and professional goals that will help to simplify life. In order to do this professionals should first identify unimportant things that demand and drain your time and attention. He should learn to recognize what is important and what would help him to put his life in balance and not get easily side tracked from his goals.

Finding the perfect work life balance is a lifelong journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. It only happens with serious effort and constant attention.

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