Presenting self


The World today is getting competitive by the day and hence become imperative to constantly modify behavior in order to stay ahead in the race. This is an opinion echoed by almost all grooming experts. While good manners and etiquette help in creating a good impression, one’s personal appearance, attire, communication skills, personal integrity and the ability to build and maintain good relationships contribute to the overall personality. Remember that in the competitive business environment, your appearance makes a statement about you and your personality. To put it simply, etiquette is to be aware of others, their needs and wants, and to treat them the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

Good grooming comes with a strong intent and with practice. Here are some important tips to demonstrate good personality traits:

· Posture is the first thing that is noticed about a person. A person may appear to be well groomed, but if his body language like facial expression or gesture is faulty then it creates a wrong impression.

· Stand tall, do not slouch or stoop. An upright posture exudes confidence. Stand in a relaxed posture with feet slightly apart and hands either hanging loosely at the sides or clasped behind. Avoid standing with hands folded on the chest, for it may mislead people into believing that you are arrogant.

· Similarly sit straight and when you are about to sit, try and sit gracefully.

· Facial expressions also give away your personality. Keep a smile on for it is a universal expression of acceptance. A smile denotes a form of greetings, happiness, joy and a welcoming attitude. Smile helps go a long way in creating an amiable atmosphere and making others comfortable.

· While conversing, limit your body movement to a bare minimum. Communicate and converse with words rather than body gestures. Respond appropriately with a nod or a slight smile and lean slightly towards the speaker to convey your attentiveness to him or her. Turning away from the speaker shows rudeness.

· Eyes are the mirrors to your soul. They can convey what you feel and what you mean. While speaking or listening to someone, do not allow your eyes to wander off, as it conveys your disinterest and may offend the opposite person. If you do not wish to continue the conversation, then politely excuse yourself.

· Dressing goes a long way in displaying your personality. There are no absolute rules regarding dress. Your selection may vary, based on your occupation, location or preference. Common sense and good taste are the best guides to help you. Ornaments should be conservative and kept to a minimum. Remember that all styles do not suit all people. What looks great on a fashion model might look awful on you. The important thing is to be comfortable with what you wear.

· A smart haircut and neatly combed hair are a must.

· The tricky thing about make up is that you need it, but it has to be used sparingly and should look natural. Avoid using loud and glossy colors.

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