Distance Learning

Distance learning has been around for decades but has been constantly evolving to offer more to those who cannot attend conventional learning centers.

The Sheer variety of distance learning courses being offered at every level of education is heartening to note, as in our vast country, with so many people who are in inaccessible and remote places, these courses are the ones that can help in realizing ambitions. Be it the post or under graduate level, diploma certificate courses all have a comprehensive representation in the courses offered by various institutions.

The institution that offer such courses can range from open universities to regular educational colleges that also run regular courses. There are, at least eleven open universities in India that provide distance education for those who are interested in taking up professional courses or any other educational course of their interest. There are more than 54 distance leaning institutes in India that cater to the needs of higher education in India. The number of such institutes and courses are growing to meet existent demand from students and working professionals who do not have the time to attend full time schedules.

All disciplines like the arts, sciences and commerce are adequately represented in both undergraduate and post graduate degrees as well as diploma courses.

Degree courses offered by distance learning institutes in India include BA (English, history, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Hindi, Sanskrit) B Com, B Sc (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Economics and Geography), B Lib (Bachelor of Library science) B Ed and BBA. Masters degree courses are also available through distance learning mode. A good number of students in India also pursue their MBA through correspondence.

PG Courses by several renowned universities having a department for distance learning. The most popular PG degree courses through distance learning is the Master of business administration (MBA). Other degree programs include subjects like history, sociology, political sciences, philosophy, insurance, library science and information, physical education, mass communication, law, public administration and psychology.

The choices at all levels are wide and detailed so a correspondence course can make a lot of sense for somebody who does not have the time for regular learning on a daily attendance basis. Make sure you check the offerings before committing.

Degree courses range from corporate secretaryship to fashion and apparel design, with the whole gamut of horticulture, journalism, mass communication, music, foreign trade education and many others in between.

Certificate courses through the distance education mode includes subjects like communication, English, computer application, human rights. Diploma Courses with a vocational bent like tourism, hotel management, agreement construction, pattern making, industrial hygiene and boutique management. Youth department bio-fertilizer production – basically courses that have very specialized applications but all the same distance education is filing these niches too.

The prospects of employability after a diploma course at the post or under graduate level in subjects like school management, mushroom technology, primary education, HIV and family education, horticulture with nursery management and energy management technology are quite high, even if these are not the very commonly taken courses or maybe it is because of that just very reason.

The choices at all levels are wide and detailed so a correspondence course makes a lot of sense for somebody who does not have the time for regular learning on a daily attendance basis. Make sure you check the offerings before committing or maybe do two at a time after all a distance learning course gives you the flexibility to pursue more than one thing at a time.

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