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A Google search for ‘Job search engine’ throws up 64,600,000 results. The words ‘India job search engine’ throw up 1,880,000 results. The real question is, how many of them actually yield results and land you in a desired job? More often than not, your email inbox gets flooded with job openings that don’t even remotely match your profile. Registered as a writer on sites, a journalist almost got all the openings or inquires for management, sales or IT writing positions.

The options

Engines that are more popular in India include,,,,,,, and even Yahoo!

Almost all the search engines display openings for jobs in India and abroad. However, sites like Yahoo! are better for those looking for jobs abroad. offers an abundance of advice ranging from topics like how to prepare for interviews, resume, resume dos and don’ts, how to deal with a telephonic interview and tips on negotiating your salary. Plus, this is one site that has an actual office contact number as against others, which only have toll free numbers for customers care. has a huge network and data base of more than 40 top IT, marketing, FMCG companies registered as recruiters including Microsoft, Symantec, Larsen & Toubro and Reliance among others.

The good thing about is that once you post your resume online, they update you on job openings regularly via email. Most job search portals cater to the IT and marketing sectors.

Some sites, like, and even do cover a wider range of sectors including entertainment, journalism and the hotel and airline industries.

Job search engines are impersonal. There are no ‘faces’ as you would encounter in a traditional placement agency, no executives who get back to you and no one to hand-hold as you navigate through you career. Yet, they seem to be lucrative.

They all project an image of having a great network in almost all industries today. More than 2,000 jobs from more than 30 industries are supposedly displayed on their homes pages. Also, job search engines help you create a CV, if you haven’t got one already. They offer you tips on how to conduct yourself in an interview, give advice on how you can carve out a successful career. They even post interviews with recruiters.

Companies, prospective recruiters, advertise on the sites and some sites like even have something called ‘Featured Employer of the Month ‘. In fact, cuts the repetitive process of writing your profile and simply asks you to “upload your resume… and we will inform you in various job openings that are apt for you�.

All the top sites offer paid services too like resume blaster, where your CV can be sent to recruiters you want to work with. Prices range from Rs 600 to Rs 2,000. However, there is no guarantee that such a service will yield results.

And for the undecided, there are sites like, where jobs, from fruit picking to software servicing, are available all over the world. All you need is your work visa!

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