Situations when Employees deny Promotions

While most of the times one wants to climb up the ladder there are ifs when you think otherwise.

There are times when employees realize that they are not cut out for a particular task allotted to them.

When one conjures up an image of the competition ridden modern day workplace some of the things that come to mind are appraisals, promotions, targets and deadlines. It is almost a given that the only way to go on the corporate ladder is upwards. But there are times when one is forced to consider the pros and cons of a situation and take a step down. This is not necessarily a sign of failure or mere resignation to fate but can prove to be a sensible move if done with calculation and tact.

Stepping down:

A Software professional says ‘at my present organization within two years of my joining I was being offered the role of a project leader. But at that time I was pursuing distance education. Had I accepted the offer this course would have taken longer to complete. As a result, I chose to turn it down and finish the course instead. On switching jobs, this additional academic qualification was recognized by my new employers’.

There are also times when employees realize that they are not cut out for a particular task allotted to them. In such cases too one must side step and allow a more competent person to take over, It reduces time and cost constraints for the organization too. However there are urgent situation where one is expected to fill in for some other colleague and perform under pressure. During such situations one must show presence of mind and take over. At times stepping down also helps in getting a clear perspective of one’s goals and gives one the time to re-examine one’s preferences. It all depends on your priorities whether personal or professional.

While at times it is a good idea to take a step down the corporate ladder, it must be done with utmost caution. The person should use his /her prudence and carefully decide the repercussions of such a move. Following are some of the things to be kept in mind.

Before contemplating, refusing a promotion or responsibility always take your seniors into confidence. It is best advised to discuss the matter with them and explain to them your reasons for doing so. It helps in not rubbing them off the wrong way and also justifies your stand.

There are times when you suffer from burnout due to excessive workload and too many deadlines. While it is fine to take a break at such times but do not hastily relinquish all responsibilities and go into a no work mode. Try and reduce the work burden by way of delegation or any other means possible.

Be aware of the general job scenario before considering stepping down, do not let it coincide with recession else you stand to risk the only job in hand. As a result any such decision should be well reviewed and then implemented.

Learn to assess your place in the organization before deciding to take a step down. If you are a new recruit it may not be a very advisable thing to do as you are yet to consolidate your position in the organization.

Financial security is also anther angle that needs to be considered before you decide to refuse any promotions or upgrade.

Corporate life is marked by competition and no one wants to stay behind in the race. While some may view stepping down as a foolish move there are others who are of the opinion that it is a pit stop to refuel one’s drive and dedication. It gives one the necessary time to plan for the future. Finally, it is the discretion of the person involved to decide what is good or bad for him /her.