Color and Optimism

In the disarray of the year gone by, mixed bags of hopes and fears have been delivered to our doorsteps uncertainty, complexity, clutter and chaos. Situation changes quickly and there is a need to grasp and adapt swiftly to the new circumstance. Our lives are increasingly complex even though aided by more sensory appliances, savvy electronics, streaming information we still need more navigation.

In the midst of this, there is a search or singular element that stands out as a directional beacon. If that element had to be a color (since those are the matters we discuss!) then it has to perform an augmented role in our lives. What will be the qualities this color will deliver? Choosing the color that fit all these requirements can’t be a stereotypical choice or a knee jerk reaction. It needs to be a considered choice. With the world gripped in change – economic, technological and cultural — this color must encapsulate a mood of clarity, direction and above all optimism. It should be a signal defining who we are and help us navigate where we are and help us to navigate where we are going. It would enhance and define space both internal and external and physical and sensorial.

A color that can span time, a reconnection to ancestry and values of the past. Bridging cultures it needs to have meaning for many people and figure emotively in our collective imagination. A color that can take us in translation to a future that is rapidly morphing and celebrating. It has to deal with the information age, with digital technologies, with superstructures and mega cities.

To take us into the 21st century the color has to be moving in more ways than one.

As we move from knowledge economies to more creative economies a color that would set our minds free, enabling us to provide solutions for utopia ever out of reach. A bridge between art and design, a color that is provocative and to question the upturn established predictable good taste.

Symbolic of celestial light and earthly fire, YELOW the elixir of life is the color. The hue has always been associated with joy. Radiance and intellect: Its mineral associations are with a metal most treasured by humans, gold and its abstract qualities lead us to creative paths.

Two others colors stand out as trend colors in the New Year. A brilliant cobalt blue, that is like a bolt of brilliance from the huddle of safe blues. As cerulean, innocent and clear as the skies to match this mood of optimism and get us out of grey, a delicious coral pink is peeping out as a stunning surprise.

In homes, yellow is glowing and welcoming. It immediately takes us into its reassuring embrace. Occasional furniture and cushions are a great way to add color accents. Chests and boxes bring with them stories of journeys made and secrets stored. Crossing cultures yellow in Indo-China accents wends its way to the electric collector’s home. The accent pieces can fit into ethical homes easily but are also a talking point in a modern interior.

Graphic Provocation:

A taste of change and transition needs a strong signal color to call it out. The great thing about trend colors are the proportions they can be sued in. In larger proportion as a bedspread, a dhurrie and even one whole wall. The trick is to keep yellow graphic and cerebral with charcoal black and white or kinetic with strong greens and blue. These key colors sit beautifully with cool neutrals creating a refreshing makeover.

Hues should run across product lines for ease of coordination in finding the right lampshade or of dinnerware or dhurrie to give that quick color shock to the space.

Find a yellow that encapsulates a model of graphic print design and appeals to masculine and feminine sensibilities. The forms on vivid textile prints can be liquid and organic and the arrangements and scale of design should follow a simple formality.

It is Pablo Picasso who said, there are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who thanks to their art intelligence transform a yellow spot into the sun.

Excerpts from The Times Property