Green Architecture

Designing a building structure based on the concepts of green architecture can go a long way in contributing towards warding off the evil effects of global warming.

Global warming has led to a rise in the demand for innovation, industry products in architecture and building materials. The concept of green architecture development emphasizes on using the natural resources efficiently that includes water, energy and building materials. While designing a building, it is necessary to pay attention with a lot of aperture to maximize air circulations and natural light. Besides this, energy savings, building design, limit built, land simple layout, floor space, high quality building and environment friendly materials are some other steps that can be adopted.

Additionally building roofs can be developed into a roof garden or a green roof which has high ecology value due to reduction in air temperature, low pollution levels, and wider greens space. Usage of appropriate building material plays a vital role to make high quality environment friendly building. Several industry players have already made products with new innovation which minimizes environment contamination, reduces energy usage and optimizes alternative energy. Technology innovations processes have been developed in order to make the materials industry eco friendly. Apart from this, continuous construction activity undertaken by using alternative materials and energy source can reduce CO2 emissions.

Essentially cement, ceramic, brick aluminum, glass and steel as main building materials play a significant role. For main building structure and roof recently wood materials have been replaced with light steel. In fact, light steel is also chosen based on several quality levels depending on its raw materials. Roof structure from steel has some advantage – it is stronger, anti corrosive, anti porous, anti termite, flexible, easy to pair, lighter, so it does not encumber constructions and also can pair with architecture design, calculation and civil technique calculation.

Aluminium material, in fact, is already used for window frames and doors. Aluminum has many advantages – it is renewable which means it can be used several times and is also practical as it is appropriate with a modern lifestyle. Its special insulation design can reduce heat transmission and noise resulting in both energy saving and cost saving. It is also stronger, durable, anti corrosive, available in many colors and shapes with many model variations

Choose a wall material that absorbs heat. Use of ceramic tiles for wallpaper is one of the design innovations. Ceramic walls bring easy treatment in terms of cleaning. They are also available in various motifs, themes and colors. In a home, the function of every room is different so choose the design of marble, granite tile, ceramic and parquet or others accordingly.

Creating an artistic floor does not always need expensive materials. Plaster combination at wall and floor at several places will make it unique.

To tackle any water crisis, we have to develop water systems that focus on reuse, recycle and recharge. Several architects have developed water waste processing system that recycles daily waste water. This renewable waste water can be use to wash vehicle water plants, also make water reservation or big pore hole. Significantly solar panels can be installed to make way for some eco friendly electric use.

A brief summary would basically comprise of the energy that goes into a home and the waste that comes out of it.

The home is essentially made up of four components – the bed room where we rest, the hall where we recreate and energize ourselves, the kitchen where we get a charge and the washroom where we revitalize. Anything over and above all of this would be extras, or replicating the same in a 3 or 4 or 5 BHK.

The ideal way would be to maximize the usage of electrical appliances such that they perform at the best energy input. For instance use the correct length of fan blade for a room, hang it at the correct distance from the ceiling so that it can circulate air.

The Energy Star rating program by Bureau of Energy efficiency (BEE) has made it easy to check on the promises made by appliance manufacturer, so do check out the star rating of any appliance you buy – it is a small step, especially when you are going to be buying a fan or an AC. Almost every appliance comes with a one to five star rating scale where the higher the rating the more energy efficient the appliances. Your lifestyles quotient would be affected, except in a positive way – with lesser bills, and the mileage gained out of being perceived as eco-conscious! A win-win situation all round.

There are small commercially available vermin-culture sets designed for homes that can be installed and the compost generated used in the plants or garden that would further increase your green lifestyle quotient. Think about it.

The basic idea behind such a lifestyle would be to try and take responsibility for your own actions and need that generate waste. The easy option of blaming it on the government should be used as a last resort rather than the first.

This lifestyle change might not be very glamorous or glitzy but it will have more far reaching impact than any other.

Excerpts from The Times Property

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