Social responsibiliy of corporate companies


The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is well known throughout the business world today. It not only speaks of contributing towards the benefit of the less privileged, but also calls for being accountable.

But many think that CSR is a new concept. However, in our country, kings have been practicing the same for thousands of years.

He makes it clear that, while it the government’s basic duty to maintain a society’s well being, even companies and business organizations cannot stay away from this responsibility. And those who are without relation have to be necessarily maintained.

But how do businessmen and employees practice these ideas? Here are a few tips for the same:

Take Responsibility

A well-known management guru, had once said that we have to rise from CSR to PSR – Personal Social responsibility. Each person has to personally commit to make his little contribution to improve the world. There are many things you can do — educate someone, plant a tree, support an artist, clean up the surroundings, etc.

Contribute Money

To fund an already existing NGO project or a spiritual organization is the best way to start. You can even pool in money. Collect funds from the people interested then every month contribute the money thus collected to a project that you like. There are many social projects that require funds. Find out about them on the Internet, but do not forget to check their authenticity. And only then make a contribution.

Take Time Out

You just have to make time. Most of us always say that we do not have time or that we are too busy. But it is important to come out of this mind set. Take time out once in a week to do something for others.

Don’t discourage others

Under no circumstances should you underestimate this endeavor. Leaders are created when they see the problems of others. It’s only then that they work towards solutions. In fact, the most important thing is that one should never discourage anyone who is doing a good work for the benefit of others. The chairman of a company had once decided to denote millions of dollars for handicapped children. During the board meeting, he was asked whether it was really worth donating such a huge amount for these children.