Essential features of an information system

An information system combines related operations and procedures to perform a major organization and management activity (such as document production). The efficiency and success of the system depends on careful planning, organization, and control by the supporting staff of a bank. The objectives of an information system include:

1.Decision-making by supplying the best possible current information to the management.
2.Eliminating duplication of work.
3.Saving time by using more efficient methods.
4.Establishing uniform procedures
5.Identifying responsibility for work and performances
6.Improving service, including providing necessary training for all who operate within the system.
7.Promoting acceptance both of the system and of possible change(resulting from feedback on the system’s effectiveness)

To achieve these objectives, a system must be flexible enough to allow revisions and interaction with additional subsystems. All the systems including sub systems are mostly customized to suit the organization in implementing these features.