Watch out your temper

There are often moments at the workplace when employees get angry and lose their cool. The reasons, for the same, may be many but the outcome is the same, leading to low performance, failure in understanding colleagues and an eruption of unknown emotions. And particularly now, with so much stress around this has become a quite commonly felt emotion.

So what could be the main cause for the same? There can be numerous causes for the eruption of anger at the workplace, from small petty instances of harassment or abuse, to peer pressure, stress, etc. So what do we do about it, keep sulking or have an emotional burst out?? Not possible- right!! Then try and control it learn it how-

For working professionals, it is imperative that they have a pleasant and a positive environment to work in. However, there are times when this very environment becomes sour and uncomfortable, causing disgruntlement and anger. And due to the current scenario and with the mounting pressure to perform better amongst the ever-increasing cut-throat competition, there seems to be a rise in unsettling emotions, including anger at work. And the result is hampered productivity, disturbed teamwork, etc., among other outcomes.

How harmful it can be?

Anger builds up inside when expression is curbed. Most people don’t have the tact to relate their problems, in an effective yet non-heated manner, and to prevent an outburst, employees bottle up their resentments.

Anger at work can be caused due to various reasons including issues with the boss, colleague, personal issues, etc. Unfortunately, stress at work has become the norm rather than an exception. Today, it is not enough for you to know the job; it is imperative that you are successful at it too

Though it is very natural to have varied emotions at work, the impact of every emotion is different. Anger, specifically can have drastic impacts on your professional life. Anger clouds perception and is known to fail intelligence, of an individual as well as of an organization.

Anger at work, if not addressed properly, can prove to be highly counter productive. It not only impacts the individual’s morale but also the performance, team dynamics and the work environment.

Deal with it – So how do you deal with this emotion at work? What is the best way to avoid such feelings?

1. Avoid Bumpy situations and discussions– The best way to control anger at the workplace is to walk away from uncomfortable discussions. It does not mean putting off the issue. It is always better to have discussions and confrontations when you are not in an agitated frame of mind.

2.Third party intervention- When you feel a bout of anger coming, try to calm down. Once you have calmed down, return with a more rational mind to discuss what went wrong and seek a solution, if possible. If you still can’t see eye-to-eye, get a third person to help you.

3.Communicate properly – It is important to learn how to communicate effectively, as it can help one solve anger issues. Losing ones temper is useless, as it does not get you anywhere.

So next time you think you are about to lose your cool, breathe, calm down and let the moment pass, as anger can get you nowhere, but out! Tips for anger management:

>> TIP 1 Try counting to ten before saying anything. This may not address the anger directly, but it can minimize the damage you will do while angry. You may have heard this before from lay man to celebrities- they all use it.

>> TIP 2 Learn to relax. This is easier said than done sometimes, but if you find something that calms you, like listening to music, talking to your kids etc., it is a good way to keep your anger under control, and a good way to maintain a calm environment in an angry situation.

>> TIP 3 Laugh. Think of something funny and laugh out loud. It is very difficult to be angry when you are laughing.

>> TIP 4 Stop and think before you speak and leave any sarcasm out of the conversation.

So get set and fight your anger, be happy in this new year and stay healthy. :)

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  • Venuvij

    Profound article . Thanks a tonne!

    Venu Todha
    Conv Retail Manager

  • Vinay

    I feel we should learn to control our tempers everywhere.The recent road rage incident at Khan Market could have happened with any normal person.When such an incident takes place it is always better to call 100 from one’s cell phone than try to take matters in one’s own hand.That pilot Aggarwal could have got his car done up and claimed from the Insurance.there was no need for him to run over and murder someone as is apparent from the statement of the witnesses.One should maintain one’s cool under all circumstances whether a flood/landslide/fire and even provocation.

  • G.K

    Thanks for the posible solutions to manage anger. Prayer and spiritual reflection also negates anger!

  • Vidushi

    A wise and perfect thought! Thank You Ms. Archna…!!! Controlling our anger at every juncture of life is important and moreover it teaches one self-control…which is very necessary and significant. In fact, I have heard of one more tip- going to a lonely place i.e. a terrace maybe and shout at the top of your voice…all the anger comes out and makes u calm and cool like a cucumber!! :)

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    agreed…lets start doing that…no one can manage the temper..its just you who can do it….

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    very well said Vidushi dear….there was this in a Metro where we have one such scenario…

    Also there are movies on Anger with the same title…and a successful one…

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    I agree GK, but religious thoughts are not welcomed everywhere…so i thought not to include it here…:)

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Thanks so much Venu….:)

  • chetna

    Anger or temper needs to be managed effectively and I appreciate that you have touched this topic here on this platform. Some of the more effective techniques could also be to scribble your feelings on a paper or voicing out all your anger at a place where noone can hear you…………and believe me it works!

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    Hi Chetna,
    Thanks a ton for sharing your experience and Bingo!! a new mantra for anger management.
    keep sharing!!!

  • P Sai Santosh

    very nice