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For students of technology particularly the internet has assumed a substantial stake on their lives.

Even teachers are understandably focusing their teaching methodologies to suit that of their Tech savy students.

Picture this, your son/ daughter is stretched out on the couch with the latest hand phone – the Blackberry or the i-phone. You yell out – “exams are round the corner at least now give up your silly chats with friends” and the reply you get is, “Dad can you keep it a little low, I am giving my creative writing internal assessment test, and I have only 30 minutes to complete it.” Surprised? Well yes, students now-a-days are making the most of technology that we can provide them.

Gone are the days when notes were taken down in class, when projects were hand written and tests were given in an examination hall. Even teachers are understandably focusing their teaching methodologies to suit the taste of their tech savy students.

The X Box 360 launched by Microsoft helps people learn so much at the flick of a hand. It’s amazing to see the impact of visual learning. The adoption of technology in India is slow however if it grows education does have a long way to go. For his students Juneja uploads his presentations on a website common to BMM students. By doing this, students do not jot down notes in class but pay more attention to what he says instead. The practice is becoming hugely popular among teachers wanting the best out of themselves and their students. Not only does it prove beneficial to both, but also makes any subject more interactive.

Educational technology especially computers and computer related peripherals have grown tremendously and have permeated in all areas of a student’s life. For instance, a batch of second year BMM students have recently started uploading their photography assignments on Flickr. “My students get honest feedback once they upload their work online and that’s what gives them the great exposure.

A lot of students today make groups pertaining to their projects’ networking sites. With technology being available at one’s fingertips it is inevitable for teaching methodology to take massive steps to keep in line.

Students find it easier to collect notes online. We share notes and projects which not only broadens our perspective but also makes us accountable for our work.

In India we do not make the best use of technology and the internet. Our assessment throughout the course is done on the internet. This gives us hands on experience and critical comments from experts in the field and also makes studying more eco friendly.

Today’s world is of acquiring appreciation as well as taking in stride the brickbats. Facing competition has become an innate thing for students and an educationist’s job has increased manifold in preparing the students to face this competition. “When we started our BMM course almost all the projects were on paper. Even now as per the university rules we are supposed to preserve projects. However, Assignments done online do reduce the storage of hard copies.”

So the next time you see your child on face book or glued to his smart phone he might just be taking his studies seriously.

Excerpts from Education Times

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