Green print


Printing web pages can get most infuriating, especially when you end up saddled with wasted pages that inevitably trail your printouts. Click on a website, find something interesting and decide to print so that it can be read later, or simply to file it away. More often than not it ends up with heap of blank pages with just one line of useless text perhaps just a banner ad along with the rest of the document.

One way to minimize this waste is to select the ‘printer friendly’ link on the web page you are trying to print. This will eliminate unwanted graphics and text such as links and advertisement on the page. But it will not save you the problem of wasted sheets at the fag end it will still end up partly with most blank pages.

But if you are looking for a simpler option, one should try Green Print that is This is a tiny application that sifts through web pages and filters out the unwanted content before going to print.

As soon as the Green Print is installed the user will find two new entries in his printer list. The first one is called Green Print, which is the virtual printer that culls out waste pages. Basically, this application wedges itself between web browser (Internet Explorer or Fire fox) and printer, thus turning it self into a virtual printer. This means that instead of firing printouts to regular printer, it turns them over to Green Print. It will then checks for waste pages, cut them from the print list, and hand them over to the actual printer. Green Print also allows to save pages as a PDF file.

However, Green Print doesn’t remove normal printer from the printer list. So one can choose to bypass Green Print and go directly via your regular printer. The application works automatically in the background.

But if some pages are not required one can check the documents manually after Green Print has gone over them, and pull up the detailed preview of the page and manually eliminate pages from the printout.

The application also has advanced tweaking options. For instance, the user can specify the number of lines of text a page must contain before it is marked for elimination. The user could also add rules that Green Print can use for elimination — say, some pages with borders or banner ads to be printed.

Interestingly, the software comes with a tracker that where the nifty counter keeps track of how much ink, paper and number of trees saved while printing the documents.