Semi conductor industry job trends


Being an electronic engineer doesn’t qualify the candidate to get a job on the semi conductor industry. One needs to have a hunger to learn. A burning desire to know how things work and a background of dismantling electronic toys to understand how they function would also go a long way. If the above mentioned is an extension of the job seeker’s profile, then he is suitable for the semi conductor industry.

Companies like Free Scale, Texas Instruments, KPIT Cummins, Cadence, S T Microelectronics and many more are recruiting electronic engineers with excellent analytical aptitude and quick learning abilities at salary packages higher than those offered by the IT industry. One small deterrent here is that academia provides for only 20% of the required manpower. To give you an industry example, while KPIT Cummins needs 150-200 people every year, it only manages to find 80 relevant candidates. So, while the talent crunch is evident, the industry looks more promising than ever. Let’s find out why one should opt for this industry and who gets in.

Job creation in this sector would be in the areas of integrated Circuit (IC) Design, VLSI, EDA (electronic design automation), manufacturing operations related to testing packaging, logistics etc.

The industry is hiring Electronics / Electrical engineering professionals with knowledge of digital design, simulation, synthesis tools, computer architecture, and mixed signal design, and strong mathematical aptitude. Also, a fair knowledge of different sectors, like consumer electronics, mobile devices, home security systems, auto components etc. are absolutely essential. This however does not undermine the need for behavioral skills. As for Philips Electronics India Ltd, while technical competencies are a must behavioral aspects are just as important.

A top official of a semi-conductor industry says that they look for a mindset committed to quality, and a ‘not giving up’ attitude with global perspective. The Philips innovation Campus at Bangalore has, as of now been awarded 16 patents.

As mentioned above, one of the factors that would draw most candidates towards this industry is the generous compensation offered. Salaries offered in this industry are much higher than any other technology industry. It starts from Rs. 4.5 lakhs which is significantly higher to what is offered by the software industry. Open Silicon, even feels that it might go upto Rs. 6.5 lakh for a fresh graduate who displays the right aptitude and is a logical fit.

In terms of vertical growth, one can start as a research and design engineer and move up to a project leader, a senior design engineer, or system architect.