Earn Money and Perform at Work through Hobbies

Pursuing a hobby alongside your job can help you attain that elusive work life balance.

26 year old CG a chartered accountant by profession, moonlights as a musician by might. Tuning out of the numbers and calculations he jams the night away on his guitar. He has always loved music and enjoys playing guitar. Even when he started working he continued to make time for music. His band Starghaus has done several gigs.

Corporate life is getting increasingly hectic and professional life seems to have spilled over onto personal time. In these hectic and stress full times, it is all the more necessary to pursue a hobby alongside a job. Attaining this work life balance is the key to personal happiness and well being. Indulging in a hobby helps you relax and unwind. It stimulates creativity and helps you connect with your inner self. Those who actively pursue hobbies are happier, less stressed and more balanced people.Music helps me take off leaving behind the stress of the day. It takes one’s mind off things and gives a person immense fulfillment to do the thing he/she loves the most.

Engaging in a hobby allows for holistic development creating a more well rounded personality. In fact your hobby can enhance your personality and become a defining element of your identity and get you noticed in your corporate setting as well.

Another person’s hobby is wine tasting and appreciation of it. He regularly attends wine tasting sessions. His hobby often comes up in informal discussion and conversation and adds an interesting facet to his personality.

Even his superiors know of his hobby and always consult him before buying their wine.

Pursuing a hobby can stimulate you mentally, physically and emotionally. Working at the same job every single day poses the risk of getting stuck in a rut. You stop thinking beyond the obvious and your brain seem to switch off. Pursuing a hobby can help you counter the monotony of work life.

Another person’s hobby is painting. Every time he paints he feels truly alive. He says that it infuses him with passion and enthusiasm. This also helps him perform better at work and he is able to come up with new and existing ideas, simply because he is engaging in a mentally challenging activity regularly. A hobby that involves physical activity – such as sailing or biking can also be beneficial because as we all know, a healthy body is the key to a healthy mind.

The sense of accomplishment that comes through pursuing a hobby is also remarkable. The new found sense of confidence and individuality will not be missed. SR always tells people that he is an IT guy by profession, but an actor by passion. The sense of recognition that one gets through EN and his plays has done a lot for him personally.Your hobby can also act as a second stream of income should you choose to monetize it .

The biggest challenge that working professionals face is lack of time. There are so many deadlines to meet and countless projects to complete. How does one make time for a hobby? The key lies in prioritizing, managing time and being committed.

Of course sustaining a hobby is more difficult than the initial pursuit. Everyone starts off with firm intentions, but the real challenge lies in actively continuing the hobby. Enlist the support of family and friends to ensure you remain committed to your hobby. Reward yourself for active commitment to a hobby. For example indulge in good golf clubs if you play golf or buy good quality paints if you enjoy art. Always remember you owe it to yourself to do the things you love the most!
Excerpts from Ascent