Ultimate Choice after doing MBA and Online MBA

The CAT examinations are done with and logically the next step is the choice of institution but what of the ultimate choice after doing the much desired MBA? Some future vision is required to narrow down on the ultimate job that is possible after an MBA and your aptitude for the different streams that such jobs are from.
As a newly minded MBA, the broadly defined career options include jobs in management – managing people, costs or processes or a small business. This naturally would be the core application but there are many others. Categories such as finance offer investment banking, commercial banking and accounting.
Commercial banking is the personal side of banking that involves a direct interface with the customer basically understanding risk and apprehending capability of the borrower, while investment banking diverges into the Mergers and Acquisitions commonly known as M&A and corporate Finance. The former deals with valuation of companies and the ability to forecast when and whether a company would be good acquisition. Corporate finance is the corollary helping small companies to grow and that is where an MBA expertise comes in – in forecasting the growth pattern of the said company! An accounts career path could end at the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
Consulting for large companies can be a training ground that is almost as valuable as the MBA itself. One learns how varied businesses work, interacts with teams of other companies. Here networking skills are paramount, as is the ability to learn from and engage with the client. Financial planning and money management is very lucrative – think Warren Buffet! Selling and relationship skills are paramount here; another possibility for such skills is the insurance industry. The MBA can work wonders in non-core management fields like Human Resources. Public relations, agri-management, Real estates, Research in management or even the very popular avenue of setting up on your own.
Online MBA
Online education has become the most preferred mode of learning because of the flexibility, convenience, efficient use of time and reinforcement of learning that e-learning provides to a person who can pursue his choice of course while working in an organization or while balancing professional and family commitments.
To everyone’s surprise in 2010 in government approved colleges, almost 6500 MBA seats remained vacant in Maharasthra despite the state government permitting the students to take admissions who did not even appear for the common entrance test. Now like US in India also students prefer to have two to three years of work experience and then go for MBA because learning of management concepts becomes easier and they can relate the theory to management practices. But it has been observed that once they start working and learn good management practices they prefer to do MBA without disrupting the continuity of working in an organization.
An online MBA is convenient because working professionals can study at any time, from anywhere be it late night or on holiday from home / office etc.
Because of technological support, one senior faculty teaches 10,000 – 15,000 students hence cost is less and so the program becomes affordable.
Senior faculty offer lectures with corporate case studies which are webcast throughout India ensuring the uniformity in quality education even at tier- II tier III cities like Kolhapur, Patna, Surat etc. which otherwise lack quality education.
Online MBA also ensures better learning because the student can attend the same lecture two to three times and can even clear doubts online or during week end lectures or doubt solving sessions.
Given the convenience and flexibility to the working professionals in online learning almost 90% of working professionals complete their MBA because it provides flexibility in terms of studying for anywhere, anytime and also allows the students to appear for the exam online at his own convenient day (holidayor time before or after office hours etc.) at his nearest possible exam centre.