Making a Successful Career out of Your Own Passion

There is more than one route to a successful career besides the tried and tested stream of engineering medicine or management.
Like any plain vanilla graduate, D, too was brooding over pursuing further studies in typical conventional fields such as management, company secretariat or charged accountancy. That was, however, more than a decade ago. Today, he is a fashion choreographer and in fact quite a successful one with several international shows under his belt. Success didn’t come immediately but today he is completely satisfied with the way his career had shaped up.
Similarly, M, too completed his medical degree in homoeopathy but later in life, he realized that his real passion is journalism. This 30 something homeopath traded his practice for writing. He completed his part time journalism course and is making his mark as a features writer today.
Two different examples, however one common binding factor the choice of a career path which is beyond the obvious and mostly driven by passion.
Not so, long ago parents would stress on pursuing a career of engineering, medicine or management . However a few of the career options that would qualify as an unconventional choice, a preference among students and their parents alike. They include; hotel management bachelor of mass media photography, fashion designing actually the list can be quite endless.
The upward swing in the tourism sector has given impetus to the Hotel industry too opening up several new job opportunities.
Candidates seeking admission to hotel management courses need to pass their 12 the standard examination with English as a subject. Students with a bachelor ‘s degree from any recognized university may also join some of the management training schemes offered by various institutions. Administration depends on a written test followed by a personal interview and group discussion. The time duration of the courses offered by several institutes may vary from six months to three years.
Essentially a three year Bachelor of mass media course, trains students for either advertising or journalism field, which is now offered by most colleges. There is in fact a huge demand in the newspaper industry for those with good grammatical skills besides being deft at software such as QuarkXpress, In designor, and Pagemaker.
Criteria Students who have passed their 12th examination in Arts, Science and Commerce with not less than 50 per cents marks are eligible to apply for this course.
Twenty three year old A‘s father wanted him to take up a management course after his graduation so that he could climb the corporate ladder successfully. He however, dreamt of scaling high peaks and freezing some panoramic moments from their vantage points. His dream did come true when he got to intern with a photography magazine in 2009 and visited Sikkim on a shoot assignment. His editor was so impressed with his work that he wanted him to join then immediately, after he completed his graduation. He is currently busy preparing for an aerospace expo shoot in Bengaluru.
Criteria: there are no specific academic requirements for full time courses in photography. However, candidates who have cleared the 10+2 exams are eligible for the diploma / certificate courses on photography. Inspired by the likes of Manish Mathotra, Rohit Bal, and JJ Vallaya, S too, enrolled for a fashion designing course with a prominent institute after 12th standard.
Criteria: Those who have completed the intermediate exam from any discipline, having 50% marks can apply for the UG course in fashion designing. Graduates in fashion designing can apply for the PG courses in the respective specializations field like textiles, dress designing and so on.
So, if you have an inclination towards a particular field, go ahead and tread the path,  you only have one life.
Excerpts from Ascent