Dual Terrain of Work and Academics

Navigating the dual terrain of work and academics is not an easy task.
Competition in the corporate life has made it imperative for people to achieve an extra edge over others. Be it during appraisals or job interviews, the qualifications section of the CV receives more than just a cursory glance. While you are judged on a host of other factors, your academic exploits are given considerable importance. Additional degrees can also boost your current standing in an organization. Realizing the need for this many employees these days juggle academics with a full time job.
Uncertain job market, will to earn money so as to fund further education or simply the zeal for academics, there are a number of reasons why people stick to their current employment scene as they pursue academics. The nature of preparations varies from person to person. There are some who study distance learning part-time courses and add to their qualifications while they continue earning, while some prepare for entrance tests of various academic programs. There are only a lucky few who can afford a sabbatical from work in order to do justice to their scholastic inclinations. Acquiring additional qualifications can boost prospects and are very advantageous in the long run. It widens the area of expertise and is useful for appraisals.
Alternating between the office computer and books is easier said than done. Here are a few pointers to help you out.
Maintain a balance: While juggling full time work and studies you must try and maintain a balance. If one attempts to upstage the other both will start suffering . However, there are times when either work or academics demand more attention. You must use your best discretion to resolve such issues. Prioritize tasks at your workplace and try to avoid keeping things pending. This will reduce work pressure and will help you effectively allocate time for studies.
Once you have decided to pursue academics alongside work have a well thought out plan. Ensure you divide your day between work and studies. Every organization has its own leave policy. It is up to the employees to know about it so that in times of need one can tactfully leverage it without letting it affect workplace equations. Questionnaire Pvt. Ltd (which specializes in career guidance for working adults) stresses on the importance of making the right choice of the course to study as you work. They have tests for working professionals which helps determine what they should study further. They also advise them on time management. This is necessary so that people pursue something of their interest and not because of herd mentality.
Keep distractions at bay:
The objective of studying while working is to scale greater heights in the corporate world. Its benefits are far too many and hence you must try and stay as focused as possible. It may call for strict adherence to time tables and a few sacrifices.
It is crucial to maintain healthy equations at the office so that work does not suffer. In keeping with the organizational policy you can make use of resources like the office library but while sitting at your desk it is important to concentrate on your work. Some organizations have provisions which enable an employee to avail leave while pursuing further studies and then rejoin the company with their additional competency. It depends on the employees to make use of such policies, if any, while studying and working simultaneously is definitely a good thing but care must be taken that one aspect does not infringe on the other.
Excerpts from Mumbai Mirror

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