Communication- A Serious Trouble

Proper communication is the key for any successful business. Be it any kind of communication- verbal, written, or telephonic we need to take precaution while putting our thoughts across. I have come across many problems which have been related to communication or shall we say miscommunication of some or the other kind.

Although it’s a pretty old story now, but I would like to share it with you all, let me present it as a case study and ask for your views and suggestions on it.

This company I was working with was dealing in Diagnostic Machinery, the machines we all get our blood test, urine and other tests done. These were all imported machines as the company in India had their sales office and manufacturing was being done in Germany.

In the Indian office most of the employees were Sales, Marketing and Service Engineers (who were trained in repairing or trouble shooting these machines at client side). Also the support functions like HR, Administration, logistics etc. were there.

Coming to the case now, one afternoon a call came to our sales executive, lets call him Sachin, from the biggest lab in the city who had purchased the machine, the Lab guy Ashish, was facing some problems in the machine, which needed to be resolved at the earliest as they had lots of blood samples at their premises and the reports needed to be generated within a day’s time. So Ashish asked Sachin to send some Engineer at the earliest.

Sachin who was in a meeting with some other client called the Service engineer Saurabh, and briefed him about the problem and asked him to go to the client’s side for trouble shoot.

Saurabh, who was also busy with trouble shooting at client’s side, told him about his schedule and informed him that once he is free he will report there.

Again in the evening Ashish called Sachin to know about the availability of the Engineer, Sachin informed him that the complaint had been booked with the service Engineer and he would be there once he gets free.

Next morning at Lab, the owner of the Lab asked about the reports of all the blood samples, Ashish then informed him about the problem in the machine. Ashish then again called Sachin to know when the machine will be repaired. Sachin assured him about the availability of the Engineer by afternoon.

Ashish calls Sachin again and this time he could not answer his call, so the matter was reported to the Lab owner.

The Lab Owner calls the Sales and Marketing Director of the Company and narrates the entire story, till this time the Engineer had not reported to the Lab.

When summoned both Sachin and Saurabh deny their role in non compliance of the company rules of reaching the client within 24 hours. None of them takes the onus of having done anything wrong. Sachin, said he did his duty by informing Saurabh, whereas Saurabh said that he told Sachin that he cannot go as he was already stuck at another client’s place for trouble shooting which took him 2 days.

Another thing I would like to mention here is that, the Lab we are talking about used to give us the highest revenue and it was the largest Lab at that point of time in the whole city.

Finally the machine gets repaired and things get sorted.

Now, it’s been many years since this case has happened, but whenever I think on this I fail to understand who was at fault. Was it Saurabh, Sachin or Ashish?

There was surely a communication Gap somewhere, but who was the main culprit in the whole case?

Do pour in your inputs so that after all these years I can get some peace.

Will share the climax with you all later, what did we do in the end, who got punished etc.….. :)

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