Corporate Culture Drives an Organization

Lately there have been many examples, various companies which not only talk but flaunt their Corporate Culture and the result of the culture speaks about themselves.

Take the case of Toyota, the world class organization…the culture they boast of is not just about producing world class automobiles but also their leadership which drives the positive and motivational culture.

I read in some interview, that you speak to any employee of Toyota; they all are so clear about their mission, values and vision. The zeal like this does not come without a visionary team which leads the global giant and makes it a successful company.

So what is it which makes the culture in any organization? It is a non tangent, a shadow kind of thing which is present all the time. The way an employee conducts to the productivity, to the way people sell their products and so on and so forth.

Let me share my own experiences in creating different cultures in various organizations I worked in the past…

There was this company where people had this aptitude of being a ‘yes man’, if the boss said that they were to head North then all would head north, not considering if they would get any business there or not, just because the boss liked North Indian food so nonchalantly everyone enjoyed his company and obviously after one or two drinks inside the system thewhole idea of self respect and things like that went out of the window.

It took almost 8 months to change that behaviour, not completely though as once the laid back attitude became part of the system it got difficult for a handful of people to set it right, nonetheless we tried very hard using these techniques:

# We started taking a keen interest in the Star performers, their creativity, their thoughts, innovative ideas. Once they have the confidence in you they start listening to you and given a chance they all knew how to say a NO too.

# Once the other employees observed that some of the members of the bunch were getting recognition, initially the rumors started to flow in that they had become Managerial “Chamchas” (sycophants) but lately the results started to show off and people got to know that if you performed the Management would be interested in you too.

# Loads of recognition, a pat on the back in public, incentives- all this really works for a result oriented and positive culture.

# Keeping company’s financial a secret does not work anymore….we have to be very careful what to share and what to hide. With the new generation taking lead roles in various companies, hiding certain unharmed information is not advisable.

These are the people who can make or break you. Yes, the management has the power and authority to change them at any given time, but people like these bring huge benefits to the company.

# Training eventually helps in reaching the desired goals when you are just few steps away. Right information and skill development are the key factors which help in creating a positive culture. Right training and specific IDP’s can make a situation much more favourable than I had ever thought. It is actually a part of taking keen interest in your performers.

# Culture change comes with introducing change in the right manner which is possible once the communication about the objectives of the changes is clear, precise and properly dragged down the ladder. Talk, write, speak, make presentations do whatever you can to reach out to maximum number of people yourself, and the better are the chances of your success. Communication is the blood flow of any good cultured organization.

# Develop Values in People, or use their values to create a positive culture. Values can be developed, Yes…CSR is one such exmple. If you tell them we are deducting Rs. 100/- from your salary for some CSR activities and that’s it. Full stop. At some point they will wonder what is happening with their money. Now Look at this, you are deducting money and every week or fortnightly you are conveying to them that the money is being utilized for Purpose A, Purpose B and so on. Which one do you think will make changes….

This is just what we did with one Company, there are many more examples to come…but before I write some more, why don’t you all share your views with me. Tell me, how did you make a difference in your organization? What was that, that was close to your heart? One such Initiative…

Waiting for your comments…

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