A goodwill fund is the amount of feel-good factor you create about yourself. The key is in making people feel-good about you so that when there are times when you need their support, they will be there for you. Be good to people and they will be good to you. This skill can be acquired only over time with practice. Your good deeds towards others slowly and surely get accumulated in your goodwill account.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Be a pleasant person

It all starts with feeling good about your self. And the secret formula to that is WGP + LG meaning believing that the world is a Good Place and Life is Good. When you really believe this, you’ll stop being cynical about people and there will be a natural ease to your behavior and a smile on your face. You’ll be more likeable and people will find your company pleasant.

For your own sake, it is important to create good interpersonal relationships. When you do that you create a comfortable environment around you and you’ll like working in such an environment.

Being pleasant starts with something that is very outward like having good communication skills, being well groomed, wearing clean clothes, being polite and having good table manners and etiquette. It also helps to not emit bad odor.

When you look good, sound good, are polite, and are smelling pleasant, it appeals to all the five senses of those around you. This counts a lot in developing a pleasant personality.

Go out of your way

That doesn’t mean you have to stick neck out every time someone is in trouble. But sometimes, that help in typing out the report or that courtesy phone call finding out a number for your colleague or saving your partner’s back by submitting the report he has forgotten, all counts.

It is definitely good to extend yourself for others. But do it only when you can. When you keep stretching yourself all the time for others, you sort of create an expectation and when you fail to do so once in a while, people feel let down. So help others but take care that you don’t dig hole for yourself by overdoing it.

Make people smile

About, people, complimenting them on their work or their dress, a witty remark once in a while, or even a gesture as small as holding a door open for someone makes them smile.

Talk to everyone. Don’t just associate with people from the departments that you deal with on a day-to-day basis but also with others that you don’t. You never know when and where someone will be your Good Samaritan.