Maintain Work Life Balance or Else…

So what is new in this topic now, it has been talked about a lot…This is what you all must be thinking, right? Yes, there is so much more to discuss to maintain a balanced work and personal life.

“Looking back at the times where I allowed my work to create stress and frustration in my life I now realize what I thought was important really was not. I am not saying you should not take your work seriously, what I am saying is that we need to realize that life is all about balance.” Catherine Pulsifer, from Briefcase with an Engine

Let me ask you all a question today, and you have to give responses to all these topics that we discuss here today:

Divorce rate is high thanks to improper work life Balance:

Do you think it is right, are both men and women giving high importance to their careers than they should give to each other and so the relationships are going for a toss. The financial independence, the less emotional bonds with spouse, less time, lack of various activities with spouses, child less marriages(as we don’t have time for kids), materialistic world, high career goals.

All this and more and result, we are better of without each other, you go your way, I go mine.

Health risks:

Oh! my my, is it? The less time you have for yourself no matter how much you party with your boss and colleagues, having no time for exercise, walks, talking it out with family, hobbies, gym the more it increases the health risks.

Heart ailments, high cholesterol, high/low BP, strokes, high stress levels, lack of sleep can cause insomnia and the list is just endless now a days. No, my idea is not to say that only late working hours cause these diseases but not taking care of your health can surely cause any of these or something else.

I just heard on FM, in one of the surveys taken it is said that most of the people having a risk of heart attack are between 25- 35 years of age. Laid back lifestyles, coming home from work and just have no strength left for any other activity apart from watching TV, checking your mails, blackberry etc.

Social Networking:

Now you don’t have to make an effort to go and meet your close friends for a game of pool, or tennis as you can play all these games online. Chat over a cup of coffee is a thing of the past, let’s chat on FB or read their tweets on twitter to know what is going on in their life and update status to let them know about yours. Time saved. With everything now available on this screen we really can take out more time for work and reach the desired goals.

Performance and Productivity:

This one we all must be aware of, that the more long hours you work; the mind generally does not remain that active to increase the productivity or performance. Lack of focus means our attentions are divided and we end up dabbling in too many things while achieving nothing significant and satisfying. There is no relationship between higher number of hours at work place and high productivity; in fact I have seen it getting less.

Performance gets hampered, and the worst thing is that poor work-life balance reduces work quality and productivity without any doubt. When an employee won’t be able to give time to his family at home, he will feel stressed out at work. You can also do research on your own.

Kids and their life:

Believe it or not, less time to kids can harm their growth in many ways. The child will not be connected to you, there will be no one to see what they are doing- right or wrong. The love, care, upbringing a mother and father can provide no maid can; no other family member can.

The child’s development gets hampered, the insecurity level goes high, the times when they need parents and don’t find them near makes them look for such attention from others and this is why they get into bad company.

So, what do you all think? Share your views if you have come across any other problems being workaholics.

Or if you think that being workaholic is a must in today’s era…

Stay tuned for more…

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  • Parents- working or reired, brothers, sisters also need to be specifically mentioned in the above context of ‘Work-Life Imbalance’ consequences.

  • In this article on ” Work-Life Balance” while discussing the consequences of imbalance, Parents- working or retired, brothers , sisters also need to be specifically discussed.

  • Nithya

    Surely, nowadays people are not evn enjoying the important in their life properly because of their pressure and stress they intake in them an many situations.

  • R.Nataraja

    Nice article on work-life balance. Certainly it all depends how we manage time effectively as work will always be there 24/7 but only if we could manage to make out time for other activities then only we can say that we are real time managers. When we were in school, we handled all sorts of subjects, we divided time for all the subjects n scored good marks in all. We can apply the same concept here afterall, if we hav to be productive at work, we should involve ourselves in other activities like meditation, yoga, painting, which will give us a peace of mind n enough energy.

  • Vaishali

    It is the responsibility of every corporate player to understand the serious hazards of unnecessary late working hours. All of us must take a call and make sure that we do not make our and others life miserable by creating avoidable stresses.

  • Hetaljoshi29

    So true …..
    In today’s life it is so important to maintain work life balance…
    If it we don’t do that we are the only who has to pay for it….

  • Minati

    Truely, work life balance is very crucial in everybody’s life. If you are maintaining it properly, then it’s ok, happiness starts from family and if you are unhappy, then in professional filed you will feel bore and will not ejoy your work properly and productivity will be low.

  • Rahul

    good analysis of the cause. You have touched almost all the impacted areas. I also read somewhere that we work for our life and if don’t get time for our life then what is the point!!!! Good article.

  • hrsowmya

    Thanks for the aticle really this msg will hepls all of us

  • JnrRU

    True…I read somewhere that role conflict or work-life imbalance is actually not a result of excess role demand (from for example work), but rather an individual’s psychological commitment to his/her social roles.

  • smita

    yes,i agree…profession doesnt shouldnt come first…we all should know to balance..It is not that we say..bit hard in metros..where both husband and wife will have to earn..anyhow..

  • Try this exercise. I have done it in many workshops – I ask the participants (including CEOs) to list down all the things they would do if they were told by their doctor that they just had 8 hours to live.

    Surprisingly (or not so surprisngly) the participants come up with a list of things – and when you review the list – 85% to 95% of the things they list is pertaining to family! “I will advice my children, I will explain to my wife about our savings and our bank accounts, I will…”

    Try this out yourself – it is a very scary but useful exercise – in fact an eye opener. Suddenly your entire perspective of life changes! Anyway – I digressed – 90% of our to-do list in such a situation pertains to family. And then when we introspect further – we realise that we hardly spend time, in our daily lives, with family! What a contradiction!

    Let us all practice Work Life balance – and teach our people to do the same as well!

    Ajoy Vakil

  • rekharevathi

    I don’t compromise my family life with my career. Of course I have lost some opportunities but I feel that I am contributing my best to my family and my work because while I work I think only about my work and while I am at home I only think about my family.

  • Sam328chd

    but you see , more we work in organsation more we feel that we will earn and more we earn will definitely go to our family, if we can’t take more time to work then no money at all, no promotions then ???

  • Rajmittal

    Recently I saw a fine family being destroyed. The divorcee boss lured the wife by asking her to work late every day and calling her for metings which lasted late in to nights while the husband was busy in his work. The wife has now filed for divorce and professed her love for the boss. They have two young kids. All in the name of work. It is sad when the very values on which our society is built is being destroyed. Surprsingly because he is one of the founders the company has condoned this behaviour and both sit in the same office .

  • Mann

    yes very much true.People should balance well.Families are getting far from thier own people though everyone stays in the same roof.because of all these mentality and frequency among family members,frens are flucuating a lot.

  • Nandini_ekbote

    As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, we instead of living a life as we want, have become puppets in the hands of external forces. Does any one ever think, why they are working and making money. Promptly, the answer would come, for future, for family, for a good life. But the very family takes the back seat in the entire process. We have hefty slaries, good bank balance, nice houses (no homes..), nice cars, jewellary, clothings and accessaries, but where is the time and will to enjoy this. No one has time to enjoy the beauties of nature in raw form. We don’t find time to appreciate the beauty of flower in our garden else we don’t have time for a garden at all. We have become servents of our time and not masters of it. No wonder, the family courts are thriving, and crime ratio among kids is on rise.

  • Salesh Kumar

    Workaholic……..its just like human made word….”Work must be the part of life but life must not be the part of work”. Why do we work to lead happiest life.But always if we work without care to family and friends especially without personal care where is the way to lead happiest life….Work to live happiest but too much work will be harmful in future..

  • Swati Goswami

    superb article based onthe partical scenario.

  • SSNayak

    Well, the basic premise, that we as adults, know what we are doing is under question here. During a discussion with a professional who mentors middle and higher level executives, there was a question about invasion of privacy as well as coercion, when we use handwriting to understand the emotional disturbances of an individual. But this is where we stand. Often people are not even aware that things are going awry, until they become complicated and unable to handle. Similarly when motivation levels are low or there is internal resistance to change, we may have adopt certain techniques to help people to come out of the rut.

  • Amrit yadav

    As we know that in today,s era only those people are respected who has wealth or money that is why for getting money people become workaholic because everyone knows very well if they want to live with a social status they need money although in being alcoholic there is many loss but today it is said that money talks

  • chetna sabharwal

    Hi archana! Everyone of us knows this but when it comes to setting priorities in life- work comes before kids, family and oneself.Its only later in life we realize when our kids have no time for us and we live a solitary life.One rule of nature, we all have forgotten is- Near to nature…….nurtures you to be balanced.No technology,money, gadgets & gizmos and electronic items can replace it.

  • Archna Khurana Sharma

    No Amrit, I disagree…Money is not everything, its family first always…even when money won’t be there…family will.

  • Tanya_tans

    No one would like to be a workoholic…
    But in this competitive world where everyone/thing is ruled by money do you think there can be a balance in personal and professional life??
    We just have to run with the flow… I mean its been a trend to work all day and night else how are you planning to be appraised?
    Let me know the alternative life we can live without working like dogs and whether it is possible to live a balanced life with so much gaining importance to prestige, money and self esteem ego needs…..