Impressing job seekers

It is imperative to create a real value proposition for prospective employees. A HR Director of a company said that one of their first ads ten years ago was a stark black-and-white close up of an employee’s face with a single bold line running across: ‘My CEO put $ 100,000 behind my idea.’ Another ad read ‘Technology is my religion’. The company launched a series of five such ads and none of them even mentioned about the company’s business or activities.

Let us take the case of a company ‘A’ which has always been something of a maverick in the Indian industry. When every company was into Y2K services, it went into product development. Today, when every company is chasing ten different opportunities, they focus on just one challenging segment – high-end product development services. When you are different you need to get that difference across, or no one is going to join you says a HR expert.

BPOs have been losing out on people due to their ‘all fun, less work’ image. Those candidates who were serious about their careers, therefore, consciously opted out of it. This called for a mega image makeover. Talented job seekers needed to be shown the long-term career possibilities in this industry. BPO companies essentially target the 20-25 age groups which are clear when it comes to choosing their work profile/career. A company Vertex for instance highlights the possibility of climbing the management ladder fast in the organization. One of its taglines is, ‘At 23, many join as management trainees. At 23, you could be managing trainees.’ To make the message look real, they use real employee faces, instead of models, with themes for ads drawn from real-life incidents.

If employers are expected to provide a world-class work environment and a fat check every month, employees are also expected to match this by delivering great results. Enterprises are coming up with delicious retention policies like stock option (ESP) schemes, but these are extended only to people who can critically contribute and bring higher value to- the company when it goes public.

Therefore, evolved expectations on both sides have brought about a number of changes in the way corporate companies work. Companies are fine tuning their communication to get in sync with prospective employees, who are more eager today to take on challenges early in their careers.

The challenge hungry generation is bubbling with fresh ideas, something that’s critical to the success of an organization like HP BPO, where inventiveness is the main trait expected of any candidate. HR Head, HP BPO India informs says that their ads focus on attracting people who bring fresh ideas and inventive thinking and who have the drive and motivation to work in challenging situations and understand the importance of managing risk.

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