Workplace Stress Management

Some employees have the habit of developing anxiety to complete the tasks given to them and as a result develop stress. Today life has become easier in comparison to earlier days, now there are various machines and techniques to manage day-to-day tasks in all areas of life. People often believe that the more facility they will have the better life they will have, but if we compare our life to our ancestors we will see that they were more happy and satisfied in their life in comparison to us. Today we have all the facilities and comforts but what we lack is the spirit to enjoy life to its fullest. On the contrary today we live a life of desperation and when the demand is not fulfilled it causes stress and anger.

Stress negatively affects all spheres of our life. It affects physical health, emotional health, personal relations, professional relations and social life. Relationship issues, job liabilities, traffic jams, health concerns, financial crisis are the main reasons of stress. It is very important to learn how to deal with stress. Find out the reason for stress and try to control the situation or reasons that cause stress. Learn to live and accept reality instead of fighting against the flow of time, sometimes it is more agreeable to go with the flow. Remember you have the power to make your life and you are the reason behind the events that occur in your life. Sometime these events are pleasant and sometime they do not turn out to be favourable. A mature and balanced person knows how to handle such difficult situations and their reaction and response in such conditions shows their strength and courage.

Learn to deal with your stress in a more positive way. There are many reasons that may cause stress in your day-to-day life, it is very important to learn how to cope with the stress and don’t let the situation overcome the other aspects of your life. While in acute stress people go through physiological and psychological changes and may feel fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, weight change, backache, headache and high blood pressure.

Stress at job place is very common, many organizations are now organizing behavioural classes for the employees so that they can learn to deal with stress and lead a happy and productive life. Work pressure, peer competition, non-cordial relation with management and colleagues, long working hours and lack of job satisfaction are the major causes of stress at the job place. Make your job interesting, learn advance course related to your field, upgrade your skills and try to improve yourself constantly. Learn to enjoy your job and perform your tasks sincerely.

To avoid stress at the work place it is essential to keep analysing your career plan, it will not only help you in setting realistic professional goals but will motivate you to achieve them. It is very important to deal with job stress positively otherwise it will affect your performance negatively and could create major problems in your professional as well as personal life. To avoid stress at workplace learn to discuss your opinion, plans and problems with your colleagues and seniors. Support significant conversations, instead of back biting, it is  better to talk and resolve the issues that are creating problems in your professional life. Learn to ventilate your feelings and emotions in a positive way and make your life easy. Many organizations are providing communication skill training, advance courses, better health and fitness facilities and other benefits & fringes to keep the employees satisfied and happy. Employees and employers complement one another; play your role sincerely and make your life happy and easy.

Personal and social life is not untouched by stress, stressful personal relations are very exhausting they drain mental, emotional and physical powers of the individual. One of the main factors of stress in personal relationships is clash of ego. People are now trying to rule their partner instead of living a life of companionship and partnership; they directly or indirectly try to control the life of others. The foundation of personal relationship are not laid on mutual love and respect but it is the “I” that governs the relation as a result even a slightest shock could break a relation leading to more stress and harassment.

Learn to deal with stress; each individual has their own way to deal with a stressful situation. Introduce few positive changes in your life and live a healthy and happy life with your loved ones.

Laugh and enjoy: life is serious; live it playfully, taking life too seriously will make life dull and lifeless. Learn to find happiness in small things of life. Share jokes with your colleagues and never miss a chance to laugh.

Get physically active: Inactivity leads to boredom. Make a habit to follow fitness routine regularly. At least reserve 30 minutes of your day for physical activity. Go for a walk, swim or simply jog. It will make your body healthy and alert.

Keep an eye on your food and lifestyle: Excessive drinking, smoking and unhealthy diet is not good. Try to follow healthy and balanced lifestyle. Remember excess of anything is not good same is true regarding smoking, drinking and caffeine intake as well.

Learn time management: Set your priority and work accordingly, pending works are mostly responsible for stress, try to meet your deadline and never leave work for tomorrow if you can complete it today. Make notes, write reminders and try your level best to finish your task on time

Change your attitude: If your friends or colleagues are avoiding you due to your sharp tongue and blunt remarks try to change yourself, modifying your behaviour for the good will make your life better.

Work life is like a journey, sometimes the road is smooth, sometimes its bumpy but a good traveller knows how to enjoy the journey. Be a good traveller and enjoy the journey.

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