Big Buck or Better Company?

Oh, yes! This is one choice we all would have come across in our career once or may be more than that, but don’t you all agree that making such a decision at the initial stage of your career is rather difficult, specially when you have no mentor, no Godfather to draw your road map for you.

Very difficult indeed, but we all have to make some choices and later not regret them but just move on, so then you would be thinking why are we having this discussion here. Hmmm…. And the answer is, so that our generation next(gen next) does not face the same dilemma which we did, or even if they do let us all help them find a way out of that confusing zone.

Its always a difficult to make a choice between the two as sometimes the company with better brand name may pay you just peanuts and the company which may pay well is just a start up company with no mentor, no coach, just you on your own.

No no, don’t take me wrong, you are correct this kind of situation does not necessarily come in everyone’s life…there are just a few lucky ones who come across and have to choose such paths.

During the initial years of our career once in a while if this kind of situation comes up, what do you do in that case? As per my experience opt for a better company or a good company if the choice is between the package and the company because it may add a name in your CV and add value to it in the future no matter what the package is. Yes, the choice between brand names such as Infosys, Honda, Tata, Maruti etc. or a better compensation package and benefits, which includes  paid vacations, company holidays, personal days, sick leave, life insurance, medical insurance, retirement and pension plans, tuition assistance, child care, stock options, and more is difficult.

In fact, now a days the situation has not changed much, the big brand names still offer less money especially during training and then they motivate you to be creative, invent, think out of the box and learn along with your job. But as one moves higher in his career, brand name becomes of little significance as job role takes over. Brand name is the most important factor but at entry level only. When one is a fresher and embarks on one’s career, the brand of a company matters. It helps in reflecting a stronger resume.

And it may sound very surprising but true that these companies have known how to curb attrition also, so for all those who think that the main cause of employee turnover is money-less or more…it may take you by surprise.

It is very important for the creative side to be satisfied and its so good if you get that kind of  a company that lets you to be you. Satisfaction, learning opportunities, innovations are few good things offered at the cost of better salary.

As you start moving on in your career similarly the role a company plays gets less important than what role you can play in the organization, it does not mean that the company is of no importance to the employee or vice-a-versa. By now if you stay in one industry chances are that people may start recognizing you by your name and not just by the name of the company you are associated with, and if one changes the industry altogether then it might take a little more time to develop the same recognition for your name but eventually it may come.

So go ahead, make a choice, think about the pros and cons in both the situations and voila, you will come out as a winner.

Just make sure, you don’t fall in to the trap where some companies may offer you more and show you so much more during the interview and once you join them you get to know you are just a puppet, which happens quite frequently in the HR related jobs…Yes, my dear everything comes with its own set of benefits and shortcomings.

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